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13 Things You Can Always Count On To Brighten Your Day

Some parts of life will never fail to bring a smile. Another thing you can always depend on? Appliances from Maytag!

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1. When someone special wakes you up in the morning:

2. Then you stay in bed for a little longer to get some extra snuggles:

3. When you have the perfect thing to wear ready to go:

4. When the barista is already one step ahead of you:

5. When you land the perfect parking space:

6. Getting an aggressively nice compliment from someone:

7. Or a surprise hug!

8. When you receive an unexpected delivery:

9. When you make a wish at the count of "one... two... three!"

10. When your phone somehow manages to stay charged:

th3fisa / Via shutterstock

11. When work goes by in some kind of fantastical blur:

12. When you can treat yourself to something extra yummy:

13. And when you get to finish the day by making a wish:

For something else to count on, add Maytag to that list:

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