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12 Reasons Why Moms Are Our Unsung Heroes

We all know being a mom is one tough job, but we rarely recognize how much they actually get done. It's time to give the ladies in our lives the recognition they deserve! Proudly presented by Maytag.

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1. They walked the dog and fed the cat, despite our promises to take care of them ourselves.

Philip and Karen Smith / Getty Images

2. They drove us to every practice we had to go to, even if they had something else to do…

Global X (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: globalx

3. ...and they cheered for us, no matter what, including that time we accidentally scored for the other team.

Yellow Dog Productions / Getty Images

4. Their baked goods taste better than ours, even though we use the same recipe — probably all that extra love.

5. They stayed up all night with us, even though they had to wake up early...

Design Pics/Don Hammond / Getty Images

6. do that load of laundry you just "had" to have washed before school.

7. They put on a smile and carried us around, despite being tired after a long day.

Arne Pastoor / STOCK4B / Getty Images

8. They can whip up a gourmet dinner in no time, with less than five ingredients, or so it seems...

9. ...and they know how to get out every single kind of stubborn stain.

84159626 / Garry Wade / Getty Images

10. They are usually always right, and never say “Told ya so!” after we foolishly didn’t take their advice.

Dana Tezarr / Getty Images

11. They constantly worry about us, but have to keep their cool, which is something that deserves all the medals in the world...

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12. ... and they always make sure we know we're loved, even if it embarrasses us.

Lizard10979 / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: lizard10979