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    23 Home And Kitchen Finds Your Guests Will Love If You're Hosting For The Holidays This Year


    1. A chip 'n' dip set that'll be perfect for all your small nibbles. It comes with a small bowl that'll fit into its own little spot on the plate, so it won't slide around and send guac everywhere every time someone goes in for a dip.

    tortilla chips in the plate and guacamole in the bowl

    2. An electric wax warmer so you can treat your guests to some aromatherapy (but without the flame of a candle), so you won't have to worry about keeping an eye on it all night. It can also double as a lamp!

    the wax melt on a table

    3. A velvet cushion that'll make any hard seat more comfortable on your guest's tush. It has fasteners on two corners, so you can tie to a chair and stop it from slipping and sliding around.

    the cushion on a bench at a table

    4. A charcuterie and fruit board set so you can put together a little tray of snacks for your guests to pick at. It comes with all the utensils they'll need to do everything from slicing cheese to grabbing strawberries.

    the charcuterie boards and utensils on a kitchen counter next to wine glasses

    5. A pair of oil and vinegar dispensers that'll make your guests feel like they're at a fancy restaurant. The clear bottoms make it easy to see what's what, so they won't accidentally pour vinegar while trying to drizzle EVOO on their pasta.

    person dressing a salad with the oil and vinegar bottles

    6. A deviled egg tray that'll keep the bite-sized appetizers from rolling around. The long and thin shape makes it easy to fit onto a packed dining table or in the fridge, without taking up too much space.

    six deviled eggs in the tray

    7. A dessert tower so you can set up a sweets station full of après-dinner treats. You can also use it to put together a lil' brunch situation for the next morning if your guests are sleeping over.

    some graduation party themed cupcakes on the tower

    8. A pair of oversized utensils that'll make scooping out Caesar salad a breeze. They're sturdier and more stylish than tongs (and won't accidentally fling open and spray dressing on everybody).

    the big utensils in a bowl

    9. A shelved room divider that'll help close off your dedicated hosting space if you live in a studio or open-concept home. The shelves are removable, so you won’t have to use all three — or you can just use the room divider solo instead.

    the shelved room divider between two rooms

    10. A flat-top cork that'll keep your sparkling beverages nice and 🫧bubbly🫧. It becomes leakproof once you've snapped down the locking sides, so you can even store the bottle horizontally after.

    the cork locked on a bottle opening with champagne glasses in the back

    11. And a set of crystal coupette glasses to serve your champers in. You won't have to stop at bubbly, though, as they'll make beautiful vessels for fancy cocktails, too.

    person pouring wine into the glasses

    12. A bouquet of dried pampas grass that won't require any maintenance (unlike regular plants). It comes with four different varieties, so you can mix and match to create a unique arrangement.

    the pampas grass in a vase outside

    13. A waffle bowl maker that's sure to be a big hit at dessert or brunch. It'll make the perfect crunchy vessel for ice cream or fruit, and can be used on tortillas to make burrito bowls, too.

    the waffle bowl maker with the waffle in it surrounded by berries

    14. A frosted toilet paper container that'll help you keep your guest bathroom stocked up. It'll look tidier than just throwing them on the tank, and it includes a lid to keep any dust or bathroom germs from getting on the rolls.

    the toilet paper holder next to the toilet

    15. A set of forest-themed place cards that'll help everyone find their seats so they're not shuffling around trying to figure out where to go. They'll also help prevent any potentially ~awkward~ social situations, especially if your guests don't all know each other super well.

    the place cards with different names on them on a table

    16. And a pack of reindeer napkin rings with a slot to display place cards. You can even gift them to your guests afterwards as a cute decor piece or loop a piece of twine through the hoop to create a tree ornament.

    the napkin rings on a table with one around a napkin and the place cards in them

    17. A set of petite French onion soup bowls if you've been dying to try your hand at a homemade version. You can serve them straight out of the oven, thanks to their size and easy-to-grab handles.

    18. A rustic log centrepiece that'll set the ~mood~ and complete your dreamy tablescape. When dinner's over, you can always use it to illuminate your bedroom or fill the empty space in a non-functional fireplace.

    the log on a table with two candles in the candle holders

    19. A drink pitcher you can use hot or cold, so you can keep the beverages flowing and everybody hydrated. The lid has a filter that'll catch any bits of fruits or herbs that you've ~infused~ into your refreshments.

    the pitcher filled with flowers and mint with a glass next to it and the garnishings next to it

    20. A fancy ice machine that'll spit out some frozen cubes in under 15 minutes so you won't run out during your function. It has a removable bin and scoop, so you can bring the ice outside or to another room without lugging the whole device around.

    21. And a wine fridge to keep your vinos and liquors chilled until it's time to serve. The tinted, mirrored door reduces UV exposure, so your bottles won't spoil before you get to them.

    the fridge in between a cabinet and couch with the door open

    22. A gorgeous dinnerware set made of heat-safe ceramic that you can pop in the oven to keep food warm before serving. The plates have raised edges to keep everyone's food where it belongs (especially when things get too ~saucy~).

    the set stacked on a table set with eating utensils, a candle, and vase

    23. And lastly, a game of Telestrations you can play after dinner. It's a combo of Pictionary and telephone where you draw a picture based on a card, the next person guesses what you drew, and the next illustrates that guess (and on and on). After a few rounds, you'll be shocked at how your original word gets twisted into something hilariously different.

    person holding a card that says beaver

    You to all your visitors:

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