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    21 Reusable Versions Of Single-Use Items To Replace In Your Everyday Life

    Plus, they'll save you some money in the long run, too!

    1. A trio of beeswax wrappers that are a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. They become pliable with the heat of your hands and are great to put directly over fruit since beeswax is naturally antibacterial.

    hand holding three wax wrapper

    2. A bundle of stand-up bags if you go through Ziplocs like nobody's business. They seal completely shut and are freezer-friendly, too, so you can always keep a stash of tasty things on hand.

    the bags with fruits and other snacks in them

    3. A trio of Garnier reusable cotton pads that'll help lift dirt and makeup off your skin. Pair them with some micellar water to get an even deeper cleanse.

    person holding the pad

    4. A fleece duster head that'll fit on a Swiffer duster handle to keep your home fluff- and debris-free. Instead of buying a brand new tool, why not up-cycle the one you already have?

    the duster head on a Swiffer handle

    5. And a pack of washable mop pads that'll wrap right around your Sweeper or WetJet base, saving you from having to constantly re-buy the single-use ones. They work wet or dry, so you can use them to clean up anything from a spill to a layer of pet floof.

    the swiffer with the pad on it going under a piece of furniture

    6. A set of reusable bags you can use to carry your grocery hauls (ICYMI, Canada is phasing out single-use plastic bags!!!). When you're not using them, you can fold them into a tiny pouch — it has a clip, so you can attach the whole thing to your keychain or purse.

    7. Or a set of grocery bags that you can hang on your shopping cart to organize your food and make it easier to carry to your car. One of them has a cooler, another has wine pockets, and they all stick together with Velcro, so you can bring just the lil' ones on smaller grocery runs.

    8. A pack of sponge cloths that'll help you kiss paper towels goodbye. They're super absorbent, meaning you'll be able to clean big spills in just a few swipes.

    the sponge towels laid flat

    9. An earwax-removing tool that'll help you banish cotton swabs from your life for good. It even has a tiny camera and flashlight, so you won't have to blindly jab around your ears until they hurt.

    the ear cleaning kit

    10. A pack of makeup-removing microfibre cloths that'll take everything off at the end of the day with just a bit of water. You can wash and reuse these ones foreva (they're about the same price as a single pack of disposable wipes!).

    person holding the makeup wiping cloth

    11. A two-speed Philips epilator that'll tug out hairs right from the root so you'll stay smooth for weeks — no more razor nicks or painful wax strips here (and it'll save you from having to buy extra hair removal supplies).

    A person using the epilator on their arm

    12. A pressure-release teapot so you can quickly steep a relaxing blend without messing around with single-use teabags. Then, dispense it by popping it over your favourite mug (all while filtering out the leaves and other bits, of course).

    13. Or a set of refillable K-cups if coffee's more your jam. This way you're not limited to Keurig's flavours, and you won't have a sea of one-time-use pods overcrowding your drawers.

    14. A pack of reusable drain snakes that'll pull up the hair monster that's been living in your sink or shower. It comes with a rotating handle that'll loosen up the clog so you don't have to spend big bucks on a bottle of drain cleaner every week.

    drain snake pulling out hair from a sink

    15. A pair of wool dryer balls that'll help your laundry dry faster and more evenly (and smell better if you add a few drops of essential oils!) than dryer sheets that'll end up in landfills. They'll also soften your clothes, so you won't be left with overly-crisp linens or tees.

    the two dryer balls on some fabric

    16. A collapsible popcorn container that's less messy, cheaper (just buy the kernels in bulk!), and more eco-friendly than its paper bag alternative. Since it'll double as a bowl, you'll have one less dirty dish to clean after your movie is over.

    person putting the container in their microwave

    17. A set of stainless steel utensils so you can pass on the plastic ones when you're picking up food. They all fit into a handy waterproof case that'll keep everything contained until you get home.

    18. A Pixie Cup that'll replace your tampons and pads when it's that time of the month. Reviewers say it's super convenient and that they even use it while they sleep or exercise.

    19. Or a pack of period underwear because you might as well be comfortable while you're suffering. The padding goes all the way up the bum, so you'll be covered when you're snoozing, too.

    person standing with the underwear

    20. A set of silicone baking cups with handles that'll help you make muffins or cupcakes that you can easily pop out (your old paper versions could never). They come in four colours, so you can colour-code batches with different ingredients.

    The cups filled with batter

    21. And lastly, a set of silicone baking mats that'll take the guesswork out of spacing and sizing your confections. You'll also never have to buy parchment paper again because they're completely non-stick.

    four of the mats laid out with some desserts on them

    So you can do a little less of this every week:

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