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    23 Things To Get From Amazon Canada If You Still Have A Gift Card Hanging Around From The Holidays

    Some fun 'n' fresh stuff.

    1. A tube of the new CoverGirl gloss that'll give you hydrated and juicy-looking lips without feeling sticky. The sheer shades will add just a *hint* of colour, and reviewers even say it's a dupe for the Dior and Clarins lip oils.

    2. An Alexa Voice Remote Pro that's worth upgrading to if you already have a Fire TV device. It has motion-sensor button backlights to help you see, customizable shortcut buttons, Bluetooth headphone compatibility, and if you ask any Alexa device to find your missing remote, it'll beep until you track it down.

    person using the remote with the bluetooth headphone feature

    3. A wet-to-straight flat iron that'll cut your getting-ready time in half. It has a vented design that'll catch excess water from your hair and blow it out as steam, while straightening your strands at the same time.

    model using the flat iron to straighten their hair

    4. A pair of silicone air fryer liners that are waaaay easier to clean than the actual appliance bin. They're collapsible, so you can pop them down afterwards and use them to serve your dishes while they're still hot and crispy.

    the liner with fries in it in an air fryer

    5. A Bluetooth receiver that'll turn any old device with an AUX input into a wireless one. Reviewers love it for upgrading their beloved stereos, older car sound systems, and even to watch movies on the plane.

    person sitting on the couch reading a book with the receiver connected to an old stereo

    6. A white OLED Nintendo Switch that's sleek enough to match your home decor. Besides being nicer to look at, the screen is bigger, brighter, and the gadget has double the storage space of the classic Nintendo Switch.

    7. A ScrubDaddy Damp Duster that'll actually pick up dust, instead of pushing it around or sweeping it in the air. You won't need any cleaning solutions or sprays, just wet the sponge, wipe, and rinse off when you're done — so easy!

    8. A pack of heated insoles that'll keep your tootsies warm for up to nine hours when you're out trekking in the cold. They're adhesive and odour-wicking, so you can stick 'em right on your shoes or socks without worrying about them sliding around (or stinking).

    person taking the insole out of the package

    9. A pack of soft powder puffs that'll help your makeup go on more smoothly and evenly. The cone tip is great for getting into smaller areas like your under-eyes or carving out a sharp contour line.

    the puffs surrounded by makeup products

    10. A deck of swear-y affirmation cards for when you need a little pick-me-up or boost of positive energy. Each card has an illustration by Toronto-based artist Chichi Ogbu for a fun visual element, too.

    a person using the sweary tarot deck

    11. A raincloud diffuser that'll make satisfying little raindrops, so you can have an ASMR moment every night. It also doubles as a nightlight with seven different colour modes to help you set the mood.

    the diffuser on a bench next to a bath tub

    12. A hanging frame and vial set that'll give all of your propagation projects a place to bloom. It comes with two sturdy hooks to attach it to your wall and a cleaning brush for when things get a little dirty.

    the vials hanging in the base on a wall

    13. A set of nesting bakeware that'll majorly change your storage situation. Reviewers love how non-stick they are and say they're super easy to clean.

    14. A wavy mirror that'll add a funky touch to your space. It's heavy enough to lean against a wall, or you can use the hook on the back to hang it up.

    the mirror on a desk next to a mug and print

    15. A snail soap dispenser if you love a quirky home find. Reviewers say it helps encourage their kids to wash their hands because it's so gosh-darn cute.

    person using the dispenser by pushing on the shell

    16. A glass salad container if you get sad over soggy greens and are tired of buying overpriced salads at work. It comes with a base compartment for leafy ingredients, a divided tray for other toppings, a leak-proof dressing container, a fork, and a clip-on lid to keep it all in.

    person making a salad with the container storing different ingredients

    17. A set of faux pampas grass to fluff up and plop in a vase for a pretty home decor addition. Reviewers say that they don't shed and are fuller than the real deal, even though they look just as good.

    the pampas grass

    18. A gold-plated necklace that's gorgeous on it's own or as part of your jewellery stack. The extender adds two inches if you want to adjust it to fit tighter or looser.

    person wearing the necklace

    19. A fridge container set to tackle one of your toughest organization tasks. Since they come with lids, they'll be easy to stack on top of each other to help you make the most of your fridge's limited real estate.

    the set of containers filled with produce laid out on a counter

    20. A wall organizer that'll give you a place to hang your keys, clip in a card or mail, and store your heading-out-the-door essentials. It'll tuck right underneath your light switch cover, making it totally renter-friendly.

    the door organizer

    21. A 5-litre lunch bag that's triple-insulated to keep your food cool, so it won't spoil throughout the day. It also has a handy zippered pocket on the outside for easy snack access.

    person unzipping the lunch bag

    22. A slim all-in-one travel cable kit with a bunch of adapters that'll help you charge any device in a pinch (just make sure you have a charging block). Travelling internationally? It also comes with a SIM card tray pin, three slots for different-sized SIM cards, and the case can double as a stand.

    23. And lastly, a magnetic dry-erase sheet with boxes for the days of the week, groceries, and notes. It comes with two magnetic chalk markers that'll easily wipe off with a bit of water.

    person peeling the sheet off a fridge

    Actually using a gift card instead of letting it sit in a drawer?

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