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Watch 100 Years Of Black Hairstyles In Less Than A Minute

Through the last century one thing has remained constant — women were always beautiful.

You might remember a video of a model going through 100 years’ worth of hair and makeup trends in just one minute. Now, the producers have recreated the video with an African-American model.

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Cut Video / Via

Here's what women were doing in the 1910s.

The '20s were a time for close-cropped hair and pin curls, à la Josephine Baker.

While the '30s transitioned to gorgeous red lips and dark eyeliner.

And of course, the classic gardenias of the '40s scream Billie Holiday.

The theme of the '50s was much more reserved.

The 1960s were all about big hair and cat eyes.

While the women of the '70s used their afros to make a social statement of racial pride during the "black is beautiful" movement.

The colorful lips and teased hair of the '80s are oh so Vanessa from The Cosby Show.

The '90s were a time for chunky jewelry and box braids, just like Poetic Justice.

The 2000s saw an increase in gorgeous natural hairstyles.

2010s... you look GOOD!

Cut Video also created a side-by-side of Part I and Part II of their 100 Years Of Beauty series, which you can watch here.