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This Video Of A Young Man With Disabilities Finding Out He Got A Job Is Everything Good

It's physically impossible to watch this video without smiling.

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After completing two nerve-racking interviews at Wal-Mart, Nick received a voicemail from the company requesting that he call them back. So with a solid mix of enthusiasm and anxiety, he did just that...

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For seven months, Nick worked to complete an online vocational training program called “eTrac” to help prepare him for the workforce, with the help of his mentor, Josh. So when Nick saw the missed call, he rushed to Josh's office to share the news.

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Josh immediately turned on the camera, as Nick, hands shaking (and with a HUGE smile on his face), called Wal-Mart back.

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When they told him he got the job as a greeter, Nick politely accepted, and played it cool when they asked him to come in the next day.

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But when he hung up, it was time to celebrate!

eTrac MSS / Via

With that million dollar smile and attitude, it's safe to say Nick is going to be a rockstar greeter!!! Congrats Nick!

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