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Tell Us About Your Period Sex Horror Stories

What happens when sexy time turns into the prom scene from Carrie?

Most women receive a visit from Aunt Flo every month. So, at a certain point, you're bound to have done the ~deed~ while on your period.

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Plus, lots of women get extra horny during "that time of the month."

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So, while having period sex is totally normal and usually turns out just fine, sometimes things take a crazy turn!

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Perhaps you were hooking up with someone for the first time and didn't realize your period had started, and the next morning it looked like a crime scene on their white sheets.


Or maybe you were sleeping over at your boo's house and the period shits made a surprise visit.

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Whatever happened — we want to hear about it! This is a safe space, so tell us your period sex horror stories (and don't be scared to go into detail!) via the DropBox below.

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