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Kid Saves The Day By Giving Baseball To Rival Fan

A reminder to not judge a fan by the logo on their hat.

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It's a scene we're all too familiar with. Diamondbacks outfielder Gerardo Parra throws a foul ball into the stands, and a young boy catches it...

But, while this makes one kid very happy...

A young Diamondbacks fan two rows back immediately becomes inconsolable because he didn't get the ball.

That is, until a kid from a section over swoops in to save the day, handing the sad kid his shiny, newly purchased baseball. The best part... He's a Giants fan!

Giants Fan FTW!!

The sad fan is still a little caught off guard, but his dad recognizes the awesomeness of the moment and makes sure to give the young hero a sincere handshake.

After watching the whole situation unfold, the Diamondbacks sent a representative down to give the rival fan a new ball of his own. (Notice dad's proud face).

A happy ending thanks to one awesome kid!

Watch the entire thing go down...

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