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    Nov 5, 2014

    If You're A Filmmaker, This Ingenious Cord-Taping Thingamajig Will Make Your Head Explode

    Perfectionists, this one's for you too.

    One of the most annoying parts about prepping for a film shoot is taping down all of the cords. But, some geniuses have solved that problem for you, if you're willing to drop $200.

    GaffGun / Via


    Gaff Gun / Via

    And when it's done, it looks so perfect and neat.

    Gaff Gun / Via

    They even compared it to the old-fashioned way, and while the Gaff Gun took just 10 seconds...

    Gaff Gun / Via

    The do-it-yourself way took 4:50!

    Gaff Gun / Via

    BRB spending all my money on something I totally do not need.