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52 Thoughts You Have When You First Get Naked In Front Of Someone

There’s nothing innocent about these nudes.

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1. They've given me the eyes... yeehaw! Time to take it off.


3. I'm about to reveal ALL of my skin to this beautiful human person in front of me, so let's try to do this CASUALLY.

4. My jeans are so damn tight. How will I ever take them off swiftly?

5. Maybe I'll let them do that for me.

6. GOD I hope they can't tell how fast my heart is beating.

7. It's waaaaay too quiet in here. Gotta turn some music on.

8. Great now I'm sweating. Opening a window stat.

9. Sweet now my leg is completely stuck in my jeans leg hole.

10. S&*t — did I remember to shave this morning?

11. OK, yes. I believe so. Crisis averted.

12. Now, should I unbutton my own shirt or let them do it?

13. There are just so many ways this could go.

14. Hello! Shirt is off. Alright, time to meet the bra I wear every other day.

15. Oooooo la la. Guess you'd prefer the bra on the floor.

16. Here I am. You're looking right at me.

17. Hmmm... Socks on or off?

18. What am I saying?! DEF off.

19. Thank God I got a pedi last night.

20. Will they notice if I quickly run to the bathroom and lotion myself?

21. Probably yes.

22. OH THERE GOES THEIR SHIRT! Daaaaaaaaayum.

23. I'll just seductively lean back on the bed and watch the rest come off.

24. Wondering if my hair is sexier pushed back?

25. Now I want them to be fully naked before me… How do I make that happen?

26. I know! I'll pretend I'm busy over here shaking out my hair like they do in shampoo commercials.

27. Ouch. That was my eye.

28. Maybe now's the time to just... casually walk away from this whole situation.

29. NO! You GOT this. This is the fun part.

30. Just neeeeeed to be under the covers. Stat.

31. I wonder if I look sexy...?

32. I certainly FEEL sexy!

33. When I lie completely horizontal, THEN my stomach looks thin.

34. But I can't just lie there like that.

35. Maybe I'll just roll around for a bit?

36. Ugh. They always make this look so easy in the movies.

37. Should I take off their pants, or are they all set on doing that themselves...?

38. Looks like it's up to me. Thankfully I'm REAL good at taking off belts. Muhahaha.

39. Alright this song is so NOT right for this moment. I wonder if they're thinking the same thing.

40. Come to think of it, what ARE they thinking?!

41. If I do this slower, they'll totally appreciate it more, I'm sure.


43. Time to paaaaaaarty!

44. Oh wait, there's still the underwear.

45. Maybe I'll just uh, hide in the corner of the bed over here.

46. Now the cat is staring at me.

47. Is it... gonna stay here the entire time?

48. If I throw my underwear across the room, that will be a turn-on, right?!

49. Ahhh, but I don't want to lose them.

50. I should probably leave them close by so I can grab them quickly later...

51. ALRIGHT! EVERYTHING IS OFF! Haha! How freeing!

52. Here goes nothing!


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