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10 Signs You're Addicted To Lip Balm

Unfortunately, there’s just no cure. Baby Lips Dr. Rescue is here to help. #drrescueme.

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1. You have a moment of silence before you start using a new container:

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Savor the moment!

2. You're only happy if there is balm on your lips:

3. If it's not in its designated pocket, you have a complete nervous breakdown:

4. And if you can't seem to locate it, you just want to call it a day:

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The day's already ruined.

5. You have nightmares that your brand will discontinue your favorite flavor balm:

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6. You're overly friendly with people you've just met so you have an excuse to re-apply:

7. You stare down the girls in the makeup aisle who are there to get gloss:

8. You feel superior to anyone who doesn't know they have lipstick on their teeth:

9. If the packaging isn’t cute, it’s not worth your time:

10. And you certainly don't share:


Don't even ask.

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