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11 Reasons Winter Isn't That Bad

Winter can be a downer — especially when it has been snowing for five months. But Baby Lips Dr. Rescue is here to save you from getting bummed out during the cold months with reasons to be in high spirits. #drrescueme

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1. You've got great sweater game!


You can still wear your summer clothes if you pair them with warm cardigans in all kinds of colors and patterns.

2. The ratio of hot cocoa to whipped cream is perfect!


Not only is heaven a place on earth, it can be in all mugs everywhere.

3. It's an excuse to hoard lip balm!

Ashley Cook / BuzzFeed

There's no going wrong.

4. You can become known as "the girl who bakes!"

You'll experience a whole new kind of popularity.

5. Leave special messages for your crush all around town!


A little heart never hurt anybody.

6. You can challenge yourself to take on as many snowballs as you can!


You may be the target, but you'll be having the most fun.

7. Have a heart-to-heart with your BFF over marshmallows!


Don't worry: The fire won't tell anybody anything.

8. Hit the slopes with your girlfriends!


Put the rest of the boys on the mountain to shame.

9. Explore the winter wonderland with your cat! / Via

She's probably new to the outdoors so take it slowly, since you don't want to overwhelm her.

10. Challenge your crush to a game of Cards Against Humanity: / Via

What do you mean you haven’t memorized all the cards yet?

11. You can take the Christmas lights off the tree and use them to create mood lighting in your room!


This creates the ultimate twinkly effect.

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