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10 Youngest Celebs To Get Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is never something to take lightly. Any kind of surgery has risks and the potential for complications. And anyone considering going under the knife should do so with all due seriousness and consideration of the risks and responsibilities. It’s hard to argue with the results some of these celebs got from their surgeries. You might never have guessed some of these celebrities ever had cosmetic surgery. WARNING – how young some of these celebs are MAY shock you!

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1. Kylie Jenner (Age of Surgery Unknown)


Kylie always denied having had any kind work done. But her beauty and talent is not 100% natural, believe it or not! On an episode of “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” Kylie said “I have temporary lip fillers.” Okay, it’s not a serious as some others, but you knew those lips were too good to be true!

2. Dianna Agron (Surgery at Age 25)

Dianna is most well known for her role on Glee (yay!) but did you know she suffered a nose break during a tour with Glee? Add to that a similar incident in high school and you can understand why she may have undergone the nose surgery. Can’t argue with that!

3. Jenelle Evans (Surgery at Age 20)

She was only 20 when she got a boob job! Why is her choice, but she definitely knows how to rock a Victoria’s Secret bathing suit. Life is hard for a teen mom, so maybe she just wanted to spoil herself?

5. Kaley Cuoco (Surgery at Age 18)


No surprise to Big Bang Theory fans, Kaley had her boob job at age 18. She told an interviewer that she “always felt ill-proportioned” and that the “implants made her feel more confident

6. Iggy Azalea (Surgery at Age 24)


In an interview with Vogue’s April 2015 issue, Iggy revealed she had had gotten surgery to have bigger boobs. Her reason seems to have been about “proportion” seeking something to better match her small waist.

7. JWoww (Surgery at Age 18)


Again, this is not a surprise at all. Star of Jersey Shore, JWoww was always the most “well endowed” of the group, and now we know why. She also recently had them re-done, as is recommended every 10 years or so, and she says, “now they are nice and bouncy.

8. Denise Richards (Surgery at Age 19)


In what might be considered a horror story, Denise did not thoroughly research her doctor before undergoing the surgery and woke up with bigger implants than she had asked for!

9. Ashley Tisdale (Surgery at Age 22)


Without regrets, Ashley had her nose operated on at age 22. The star of High School Musical shocked fans when she revealed her new look at the Jingle Ball concert in New York. Funnily enough, she was still recovering at the time!

10. Ariel Winter (Surgery at Age 17)


In what is a sadder story than many others on this list, Ariel had to have breast reduction surgery to take her from the 32F size she was. Her stated reason was bullying and struggles with her body image. Hopefully she is feeling much better now!

Breast Augmentation (reduction or enhancement) and Rhinoplasty (Nose) are the two most common forms of cosmetic surgery for young women. And while there can be good reason to undergo cosmetic surgery, it is something to consider seriously. Dr Ha’s personal perspective is that “when performed for the right reasons, having a successful cosmetic rhinoplasty can have profound positive benefits to the child’s or young adult’s confidence and state of mind.” The same could be said for most forms of cosmetic surgery.

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