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    People Are Sharing The Worst First Dates They've Walked Out On, And It'll Make You Give Up On Dating For Good

    "He said he hoped that our kids do not have my nose."

    First dates can be notoriously awkward, but it's truly the stuff of nightmares to imagine a first date that's so bad, you have to walk out midway through.

    Recently, Reddit user u/LankyJeweler4925 asked, "Those of you who’ve walked out on first dates, what was your 'I’m out of here' moment?"

    Here's a few particularly heinous ones:

    1. "After we were already 15 minutes late walking into the movie because he was 45 minutes late picking me up, he proceeded to talk at normal volume throughout the entire film. After about half an hour, I got up to use the bathroom and walked right out the door."

    "A couple of my friends lived four blocks from the theater, so I just walked over to their place and had them drive me home later."


    2. "He said he hoped that our kids do not have my nose."


    3. "He snapped his fingers at a waiter. It was so rude, and I was mortified. I left straight away before we’d even ordered a drink."

    4. "Within the first 15 minutes, he expressed that he wanted me to eventually wear a full burka (I already wear a headscarf) and told me that I was wearing too much makeup. I ended the date right there and then."

    "To be clear, I have no problem with women CHOOSING to wear burka. I do have a problem with men who feel entitled to make a woman wear it.


    5. "The girl's phone vibrated, and she went, 'Oh, that's my ex. We text all the time.' She proceeded to read me the said text, wherein the ex professed jealousy that she was on a date."

    6. "He showed up 45 minutes late with no text or call to let me know, just as I was finishing my drink and walking out. He was on the phone with a friend, and when I went to greet him, he put his hand up in my face to shush me. I heard his friend ask, 'So did you fuck her yet?' I loudly said, 'No, and he won’t either,' as I walked out."


    7. "We were on a blind date, and he said, 'I’m surprised you’re so average looking.'"


    8. "When he started talking about how the moonlanding was fake."

    9. "We were at a club, and he kept running into attractive women that he knew but apparently had not seen in a while. I overheard him lament to a friend, 'I never see any of these ladies until I'm here with a date, then I can't do anything! Why do I have to have a date here tonight of all nights?' I had him take me back home so he could 'go back and enjoy all of the women that he never runs into.'"


    10. "I was 17 and a freshman in college, while he was an extended senior. I can’t remember his exact age, but it was too old, and I didn’t know until I got there. He kept trying to pressure me to drink and even ordered an entire bottle of wine for the table. I kept refusing, so he ended up getting dumb drunk and very loud. He finally said, 'My friends know that I like innocent girls. That’s why they set us up. Have you ever even had a boyfriend before?'"

    "He was right, I came from a conservative family and had never had a boyfriend or even a first kiss before college. He was a legacy rich kid at a local private Christian university and was absolutely unbearable with his flashiness and arrogance. 

    He said it with the slimiest smile, and I just stared wide-eyed at him feeling very uncomfortable. I wasn’t able to leave right then, but that’s when I shut off until I could."


    11. "When he took me to a World War II museum and said, 'You know, the Nazis weren't all that bad.' I was like NOPE, I'm out of here."


    12. "Not one I left, but definitely one I should’ve. He divulged to me after 10 minutes that he didn’t actually live in the city I lived in and had been lying. About 45 minutes in, he said that we should be together and kept groping and kissing me like a dog with a jar of peanut butter. The cherry on top was that he told me that he loved me and wanted to marry me at the end of the evening."

    13. "He said, 'I have four kids from three different women. I have cheated on all of them but something tells me that it will be different with you. Do you like kids?' I excused myself to the bathroom and ran for the hills."


    14. "He told me that he only had one child, then after a couple more dates, it became clear that he had more than one. He eventually admitted to four by three different women and explained that he had told women the truth too early before me and had missed out on the chance to sleep with them, so he thought that it was better to lie. What a peach."


    15. "He said that our future kids were probably going to need glasses since we both wore them, then told me that he knew some really great tricks for mummification because he'd read up about the subject. He then asked me if I'd ever thought about it."

    16. "He had a go at me for giving some money to the homeless person outside of the bar, then proceeded to rant about the 'scum' on the streets. I didn’t even finish my first drink before saying that I didn’t think it was going to work out before leaving."


    17. "He talked shit about both of his children."


    18. "He was anti-vax, like 'Bill Gates is putting microchips in the vaccine' level of crazy. I didn’t even finish my drink. After that, I started asking people if they were vaccinated before I agreed to meet them in person."

    19. "I went on a date with a guy because my friends pestered me to give him a chance because he was 'nice.' He negged me the entire date, insulted my degree, and kept looking at the woman next to our table. I said 'Nope!' and ghosted him."


    20. "He just ordered a plate of fries. When it arrived, he would pick up a fry, take a few bites until he got to the end that he was holding, then drop the end piece on the ground. Every time. For each fry."


    21. "It was an awesome date up until the point that I left. We went out to dinner, saw a concert, and then went clubbing. We were dancing and having a great time. I went to pee and grab another drink, and this guy saw someone that he knew and was looking at her lovingly before he kissed her. I saw it go down from the other side of the club."

    22. "I met a guy for coffee that I had been talking to online. He started acting weird within five minutes, and when I asked why, he told me that he was disappointed that my breasts looked bigger in my online picture. Then, he continued on about how important big breasts were to him. After about five minutes, I cut him off and asked how big his penis was. The answer was unimportant as I grabbed my stuff and said, 'Too small for me,' and walked out."


    23. "About 15 minutes into the date he said, 'You're really pretty, but you'd be prettier if you didn't have tattoos and straightened your hair.'"


    24. "He drank 11 Sierra Mists and two beers in one hour."


    25. "He wouldn’t stop trying to touch me and was thrilled that his job was denying 9/11 responders healthcare. He asked for a hug when I left."

    26. "I walked into a glass panel really hard and got hurt, and he laughed. Everyone else at the restaurant got up to check on me, and he just guffawed like an ass. I told him that I hope he finds what he's looking for elsewhere and bailed."


    27. "I realized that he had drugged my drink. His excuse was that technically, he had drugged his own drink and then simply offered it to me to try, so it was my fault. Luckily, I could feel what was happening and got out of there quickly and rode it out at home alone. In retrospect, it could have gone so, so much worse."


    28. "I invited him to a live performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, my treat. He showed up in sweatpants and a hoodie with holes in it. I pretended that I got sick from my drink, bailed on the date, then circled back to the theatre a few minutes later and watched the play by myself. 10/10, would do it again."

    29. "He was trying to explain that his family was involved with the KKK, but 'not for racist reasons.' I left money for my food that hadn’t arrived yet and headed out."

    "He said this after declining all non-American dinner options, and I had given him the benefit of the doubt because he came from a tiny town in Texas, so I figured that it was all just new to him. I don't know why he even asked for the date, I’m pretty obviously Hispanic."


    30. "He got so belligerently wasted before our date, and he proceeded to treat all the service staff, including our cab driver, like absolute trash. They wouldn’t serve him alcohol at the restaurant because he was so wasted. This was our first date, and it was at an extremely fancy restaurant, and I was appalled. I wanted to show my face at the restaurant again, so I dipped halfway through and apologized vehemently to our server."


    31. "When we met up and he insisted within the hour that we go to his house, then raised up his pant leg to show me his ankle monitor."

    32. "When we got into the sport's stadium, I told him that I didn’t drink, and he bought me a beer. I told him that I was a vegetarian, but he wouldn’t let me buy the snacks, and instead ordered two hot dogs over my head. When we got to our seats, I wasn’t eating, and he shouted at me, 'Eat the hot dog!' I left immediately, making an excuse about getting a text."

    "By the way, this all happened after we walked into the stadium after the match had started because we had been walking around outside so that he could take photos of lampposts (I still have no idea why)."


    33. "Well, everything was great at the bar, and I was actually super excited. I agreed to go back to his place just so I could wait long enough to drive home since I had a few beers. We put the game on and were lounging around his fancy football man cave. I felt 100% at home and at ease since he was not physically hitting on me at ALL. I thought, 'Yes! A normal dude!' Then when we started kissing and fooling around slightly, he started saying, 'Do you love me, Mommy? Tell me that you love me, Mommy.'"

    "I literally pulled back and gave him the side-eye and said, 'What are you doing? That's not a turn-on, love.' Then he told me that he has a Mommy kink and likes 'his women to take him on shopping sprees.' This man was making three times more money than me. I left."


    34. "As we met up and started walking towards the cafe, he said, 'Before we start, you should know that my family's very wealthy, and you'll be taken care of. I'd like to get married right after graduation, so don't worry about going to college or getting a job because you'll be at home.' I've never seen such a huge pile of red flags since then. I left before even going inside of the cafe."

    35. "He was incredibly rude to the waitress. When I tried to diffuse the situation, he told me that he had it under control and proceeded to tell the waitress when she came back that he was 'going to tip her despite how terrible she was.' I walked out before we even got our food and called a friend to come to get me."


    36. "My blind date showed up drunk and on some drugs, though I didn’t realize it until about 30 minutes in. I was a teacher at the time and told him a story that involved dressing up for Halloween at work. He proceeded to berate the profession and said that he always hated his teachers who 'tried too hard.'"


    37. "He had been negging me for a few minutes after I finally agreed to stay for another drink. It was as if he thought that since I agreed to another, I was sold, so the insult/compliments started to fly. He left to go get us a drink, while I sat there asking myself why I felt insulted. It took a good five minutes before it became clear as crystal, and I walked out."

    "Thank God the bar was super crowded, he was probably still in line by the time I caught my ride home. No thanks, Wallstreet bro. Your money can't buy you manners, I'm out."


    38. "It started out with her inviting several family members shortly after we were seated for dinner. They were young like us and nice, so I went along with it, but they quickly got wasted. She went on a rant about how there are no good women anymore, and they sort of boxed me out of the conversation. We hadn’t even ordered our food yet. It was so awkward, I excused myself to the bathroom and walked out the back door. I guess she didn’t notice for a while, but then she blew me up and started freaking out."

    39. "I found out that he was married while we were on the date. Of course, the guy just said that he was polyamorous, but I don't know if he actually was or if he was just trying to cheat on his wife."

    "Listen, if polyamory or open relationships work for you, that's great. However, lay that out RIGHT AWAY when you're talking to someone. Don't wait until you're actually on a date to be like, 'By the way, I'm married.'"


    40. "He shouted at a kid at the table right next to ours. The rage that I felt right at that moment helped me leave the table after saying my piece, without looking back."


    41. "It was a blind date. She brought her boyfriend. When I said absolutely the fuck not, she said, 'It’s ok, he’s cool with it.'"

    42. "He kept excusing himself to the bathroom the entire night, which I thought was because he just had a small bladder or nerves. Later on in the evening, he offered me a baggie of cocaine. I was out of there pretty fast."


    43. "We were hooking up, and he said that he doesn't go down on women because he's a 'germaphobe.'"


    44. "He invited his friends on the date and wouldn't speak to me, but stared at me intensely the whole time. His friends were nice enough, but I was so weirded out."

    45. "I went on a date with this guy who wouldn't let me walk peacefully in the park. I was walking one time, and he shouted at me, 'STOP!' I freaked out when he slowly went down to the ground with his face almost touching it and apologized to the ants because we were interrupting the ants walking and I was about to step in their way."


    Have you ever walked out on a first date? What happened? Let me know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.