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    People Are Revealing How They Knew Their Partner Was "The One," And Suddenly, I Believe In Soulmates

    "But after this situation, I was awake that night looking at him and for the first time thought to myself, 'I want to marry this man.'"

    While some people believe that soulmates are a myth, there are still plenty of people who feel like they were destined to love their partner.

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    Recently, Reddit user u/zestycloser666 asked, "When did you know your significant other was 'the one'?"

    1. "She was my friend first. I realized that I compared all women to her. She was my gold standard for what I wanted in a woman. Making the leap to a relationship was definitely a risk, but I knew I had to try. We'll be celebrating our eighth anniversary soon."


    2. "When we were arguing, it didn't feel like we were fighting each other, but that we were just two frustrated people trying to better understand each other. I had never experienced it before, and it honestly made me feel so much less angry at that moment."


    3. "At the end of our first date, she shook my hand at her door. As I walked to my car I was telling myself, Way to go, idiot, you fucked it up so bad she shook your hand. We worked together and she came up and apologized to me the next day, saying she hadn't been on a date in a while and didn't really know how to end the date. That was when I knew. We actually came up with our own handshake that we even did at our wedding. It's been 16 years and not a day goes by that I don't remind myself how lucky I am to have met her."


    4. "The night we met, all I wanted to do was be next to her. She is everything I could ever ask for — my best friend, my soulmate, and the best thing that ever happened to me. Twenty-four years together and it pains me to say she died 15 months ago at only 41 years old. I can't stand to wake up in the morning knowing she won't be there. My life and heart are forever broken and will never be the same. Without a doubt, I am a better man and father to our three beautiful kids because of her. Stephanie, I will forever be totally and completely in love with you and only you."

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    5. "Do you know how there’s nowhere quite like home? There are loads of places you love to be, but home just feels right. You can relax there like nowhere else; it’s safe, all your favorite stuff is there, it even feels like a sigh of relief to come home. That’s what being with him is like. When I come home to him, I’m coming home twice."

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    6. "She and I went on a canoe trip where every possible thing that could go wrong, went wrong. I forgot the poles to the tent, and the route was still covered in soot from forest fires three years ago. Worst of all, a can of bear spray fell from a bag onto rocks and shattered. It exploded and the contents started to spray out. I ran over and kicked it, but found myself in a cloud of essentially pepper spray. It took another 30 minutes of washing my eyes out in the river until I was able to do anything else. Residue found itself on essentially everything, including some of the food and her water bottle, which meant spicy water and hot mouths all night. She took it all like a champ and I knew that if our relationship could survive that trip from hell, it could survive anything thrown at it."

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    7. "On our first date, we laid it all on the table — we talked about what we’d been through, what we were working through, and how we were doing that. A few weeks later, he did something that triggered me. It took everything in me not to revert to my old behaviors, but I did let him know it upset me. After he was done with his previous engagement, he shot me a message, picked me up at midnight, and we grabbed a coffee and drove around talking about it. He told me that my PTSD from previous abuse in relationships did not mean that I was not worthy of love or a healthy relationship and that it didn’t change how he felt about me. I pretty much knew then."

    "A few weeks after that, my stepfather had an aneurysm and died. He got out of bed after working a 12-hour night shift, drove with me and my kids the three hours to my mother’s, stayed with the kids while she and I were at the hospital, then drove the kids home a couple of days later while I stayed with my mother to make funeral arrangements. 

    The whole time, I’m sobbing because I lost a man I considered my father and he was so helpful, compassionate, and available. I told him I was going to marry him. He laughed and said, 'Aren’t you supposed to ask?' I told him it wasn’t a question. We were engaged six months into our relationship and it has been the most emotionally stable, rewarding, and the best thing I have ever done. The third time’s a charm, I suppose!"


    8. "We were moving out of a house with a bunch of roommates to another apartment. All of the other roommates had already moved out, so it was just us. He and I were left to clean the place top to bottom, deal with a bazillion cardboard boxes and crap left in the basement, return the keys, try to get the security deposit back... It was a lot to do. He and I worked together as an incredible team. He didn't keep asking me 'What should I do now?' He just...did shit. He took care of stuff while I did too. We helped each other and supported each other."

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    9. "I told her that people made fun of me for talking about my favorite book series too much, and she started reading the entire series so I had someone to talk to about it."


    10. "Nonverbal communication. Without ever practicing you somehow created a silent language."


    11. "Quite honestly, it took me over six years to realize it. I mean, we both exchanged 'I love yous' early on in our relationship but I was still questioning marriage. It took us breaking up for three months and little contact to realize we both were 'the one' for each other. She’s quite honestly, without hyperbole, the best person I know, and I can spend every waking second of my life with her."


    12. "When I got COVID and we were quarantined to our bedroom/bathroom for 10 days, and I was kinda sad when it was over."


    13. "She took a picture of me, and I was the happiest I'd ever seen myself look."


    14. "When my husband and I had been together just over a year, my brother died from brain cancer and we were at their house within five minutes. When the funeral home came to pick up his body, the two workers were unable to carry my brother's body out of the house by themselves and so my husband stepped in and helped them do it. That’s when I knew."


    15. "Since I was a teenager, I haven't had nightmares because I can control my dreams. When there's a dangerous situation in my dream, I replay it over and over until I find a solution. Then I wake up and remember the results of my training simulation. One night I woke up in a cold sweat because I had a nightmare that she was engaged to someone else. I felt like I'd lost at life. Went out ring shopping that day."


    16. "I know this sounds corny but I had this dog named Darnelle. He had head injuries from when he was kicked as a puppy. This made Darnelle extremely scared and suspicious of everyone other than me. Fast forward a few years and I was dating this girl. Darnelle took a sniff of her and began wagging his tail. Fast forward another two years and we were married."

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    17. "I wasn't afraid to fart in front of her."


    18. "I’m separated and getting divorced, was married a bit over 12 years, and I’ve been with my girlfriend for two-ish months now. I tested positive for COVID on Sunday, and have to isolate for 7 days. She sent me a message yesterday that simply said, 'Check your doorstep,' so I did. On it was a care package she had made for me, plus a beautiful card with some lovely words. I’m 39, male, and no one has ever done anything like that for me before. Not even when asked, let alone completely of their own free choice. It may be early days yet, but I know that I’ll marry this woman, and this time it’ll be for life. She is the one. This isn’t the only reason; there are so many, and we are so well matched, but it is a prime example of how amazing she is."


    19. "We had a foot race in front of his apartment after a few drinks. I wiped out hard and we both laughed so much that we cried. He then gently carried me inside, doctored up my scraped knee, and gave it a kiss. I’m super accident prone so I knew he was a keeper."


    20. "I didn't feel exhausted after eight hours in her presence, and it took me two weeks to notice she had practically moved in. I noticed when she wasn't there for a night."


    21. "When I felt safe around her. I grew up in pretty bad circumstances, and I didn’t feel safe at home or at school. I developed pretty bad PTSD and depression and I eventually got out of that situation probably a lot later than I should have. In my new home, I felt safer, but I didn’t exactly feel like life was all that worth living anymore despite giving myself a second chance to just get well again. When she came along, I don’t know what it was, but I just felt so secure around her. I felt like I could be myself for the first time in my whole life. She reassured me that she didn’t care what I had gone through and what those situations shaped me into, she just wanted to make me feel like I had her. I fell in love at the moment. We’re still going strong!"


    22. "We were already pretty far in the relationship. I told her about some of my issues, and instead of one-upping me or telling me my issues didn't matter, or any of the responses I'm used to, she gently said, 'Well, we can get through stuff like that together, right? We're a team. You don't have to face that stuff alone.' That's when I knew."

    23. "When I saw him give the same esteem to all the people around him. High-ranking influential people, janitorial staff, academics, average Joes, etc. He literally treated every single one with the exact same respect and kindness. And all who knew him and had esteem for him as well."


    24. And finally, "He doesn't snore in bed or kick in his sleep. Our values align, and we enjoy each other's company. I 'knew' upon self-reflection; there was never any one 'Aha' moment because there were a hundred thousand moments of 'Hey I like that he does this, hey I like that he doesn't do that.' They're breadcrumbs; they all accumulate."


    How did you know that your partner was "the one"? Let me know in the comments!