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    "He Pretended He Died From COVID": People Are Sharing How Their Situation-Ship Ended

    "Eight years later, he emailed to say he was an idiot."

    Friends-with-benefits can seem like a great, no strings attached alternative to a relationship, but sometimes, ending things can get messier than an actual relationship breakup.

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    Reddit user u/Jarvisv001 recently asked, "How did the relationship with your f*ck buddy end?" Here are a few responses:

    1. "I fell in love; he said he didn't. Then, I got into a relationship with another man, and he came out crawling to get me back, saying he loved me. Nah, boy, you had it, you lost it, I'm moving on."


    2. "It was a totally amicable parting. I did not want to date anyone. He did want to date someone. He met a girl he wanted to date. They're married now, though, so good call, buddy. The sex was fun while it lasted. We were on a rec sports team together, so we hung out a lot, too."


    3. "I married him."

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    4. "He was my friend for 30 years. He died last March from a heart attack. I found out from mutual friends on Facebook. His family invited me to the memorial service, and I met his sister-in-law and told her some of our stories. The family gave me his and his deceased wife's wedding rings as well as some other mementos."


    5. "I didn’t enjoy sex without the emotions and intimacy."


    6. "I moved away, and he said I was not worth the drive. Fair enough. Eight years later, he emailed to say he was an idiot."

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    7. "He got married. Within two months, he texted me he needs some adventure in his life and was not happy with the marriage. I sent him ROFL emojis and blocked him everywhere. I feel bad for his wife, though."


    8. "We fell in love, and we were too young and naive to notice it. We failed to communicate our feelings and ended up misunderstanding each other’s intentions. I’m not sure I’ve felt as pure a feeling since. We’re still friends."


    9. "He pretended he died from COVID."


    10. "I got a boyfriend. He did not take it well. He tried hurting me by saying, 'I only slept with you because you're hot.' Thanks."


    11. "I reached a stage where I wanted a relationship; he said he wasn't prepared. Months later, he said he wanted to try, but I didn't want to anymore."

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    12. "The first big lockdown happened. The time away from each other made me realize he actually wasn’t too great of a person, and I just never hit him up again."


    13. "I tried to have a FWB once. Ended up dating for three months, then it just fizzled out because I wasn't in love, and we broke up over text lol. There was nothing wrong with him: Gorgeous, talented, and hung like a moose, but the sex was meh because I wasn't emotionally invested. I'll never do that again."


    14. "I was more invested than he was, and he called it off because he didn’t think it was fair to me. He was getting feelings for me, but he was hung up on a friend of his he had never bothered to ask out and couldn’t invest anything more into me. We stopped seeing each other or talking for three months until he called and said he dated her and hated it and missed me and was happier with me than he realized at the time. I was still in love with him, so we started dating for real, and now, we have lived together for almost two years."

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    15. "We were friends for eight years before we started hooking up. We hooked up for a year, and then, I called it off because I wanted a relationship, not necessarily with him, but just one in general, and I knew he wasn’t looking for something serious. Four months after I called it off, I met my now husband. We’re WAY better off as good friends than we would have ever been in a relationship, and we both knew that. He’s still my buddy, just no longer my f**k buddy."


    16. "He told me he had a gift for me in the car and then never came back."


    17. "I wanted more, but he didn’t. He kept saying he wasn’t ready for a relationship even though we were together all the time. I cried a lot, tried waiting for him, got sick of waiting, then got on Tinder and started dating other men. He insisted that we stay friends. A few months later, he announced his new girlfriend, someone he worked with and had obviously been talking to the whole time that we were involved with each other. I cut off all contact and blocked him. A year later, I ran into him, and he asked if I’d meet him for dinner."

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    18. "He ghosted me and got a new girlfriend immediately. It did sting quite a bit, and I did wonder why he didn’t choose me. I’m mostly over it now, but it still upsets me at times"


    19. "I met my current husband. He moved across the country and met his current wife, though, so high five to him!"


    20. "He started dating a co-worker of his. I wasn’t interested in a serious/long-term relationship, so it didn’t bother me until they started sleeping together and then became 'exclusive.' He still wanted to continue our fuck-buddy status, and I said absolutely not. I wasn’t willing to be a side chick. He texts me every couple of months to see if I’ll give in. I don’t respond."

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    21. "After some time in therapy, I told him there were certain things I required from my sexual experiences — mainly aftercare and a bit more intimacy — and if he would be willing to make adjustments, we could continue. We never met up again. I'm proud of myself for speaking up for what I need with my sexual relationships and not settling for what I could get."


    22. "He pulled the plug, and we both moved on. Later, he confessed that he pulled the plug because he fell in love with me, and he knew I didn't feel the same way back, so the right thing for both of us was to stop sleeping together. I agree with that."


    23. "Same way they always do. I broke up with him with a Google Doc."


    24. "I’m marrying him in three days. We've been together for eight years now."


    If you've had to end a situation-ship, why and how did you do it? Tell me in the comments!