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    15 Wildly Wrong And Incredibly Stupid Things People Actually Believed That Have Me Shaking My Head

    "DARE and Nancy Reagan made me believe that I would be approached by drug dealers with free samples more frequently than has actually happened."

    Admitting that you were wrong about something can be difficult, especially when you went all in on something that turned out to be completely untrue.

    Reddit user u/SzyMeX335 recently asked, "What is the dumbest thing people actually thought is real?" And I'm willing to bet that you thought at least one of these things was true when you first heard it:

    1. "I was told a great story by a friend who attended a town meeting addressing the locals' 5G mast concerns. In attendance was a representative from the network company. A selection of people was permitted to take the mic and rant for hours about how they'd all been getting headaches, feeling more low than usual, flowers had been wilting, their dog wasn't himself, and all manner of things blamed on 5G. Several hours later after everyone had their say and the crowd of hundreds had been whipped into a fever the company representative had his turn to speak and simply said 'Thank you, everyone, for your comments, but we haven't turned it on yet.'"


    2. "When we went to see The Martian in theaters, at the end some woman behind us told her friend, 'I can’t believe I missed this. When did this happen?'"

    Matt Damon in "The Martian"

    3. "'The rain follows the plow.' In the 1800s American West, this phrase was everywhere. The idea was that agriculture would bring rain and make farming super easy. Supposedly, when grasslands were turned into cultivated fields, the soil would release moisture into the air. Then human activity like factories or trains would make vibrations that formed rain clouds. Eventually, the idea expanded to straight-up bombing the air with dynamite on kites."


    4. "There was a fake advertisement for Apple phones getting the capability to charge via microwaving. A bunch of people put their iPhones in their microwaves and fried them."

    Melted cell phone

    5. "I have come across young people who have never heard of the Titanic and that it was a real ship that did sink and wasn't just a movie."


    6. "The BBC Spaghetti-Tree Hoax of April 1, 1957."

    a woman collecting spaghetti noodles off of trees

    7. "That if you ask an undercover cop if they’re a cop they’re required to answer honestly."


    8. "DARE and Nancy Reagan made me believe that I would be approached by drug dealers with free samples more frequently than has actually happened."


    9. "I thought it was illegal to keep the lights on in the car until I was like 14. My parents are liars."


    10. "I remember, like, 10 years ago, Animal Planet put out a fake documentary on mermaids. It was complete fiction but so many people took it for a real documentary and believed it for a long time."

    three men around a table talking about mermaids, and then a photo of webbed feet with an arrow pointing to it claiming it's a mermaid

    11. "Most people were probably too young to remember this, but there was a huge portion of the population that thought The Blair Witch Project was real."


    12. "My mom thought Alaska was an island just like Hawaii since it’s always pictured next to it on maps. She spent 45 years of her life believing this before I corrected her."


    13. "That one shark week where they made a movie about a Megalodon. Half the people I talked to thought it was a documentary."


    14. "Way back Google released something called Google Nose. They claimed that the program allowed you to smell anything you put on screen. My dumbass had my nose way up in the monitor like a sniffer dog searching for drugs until I got close enough to the bottom of the screen and saw the date. April 1st."


    15. "That Mr. Rogers was a former sniper. (Yes, I’m old) I also vaguely recall when people thought daycare centers were a front for satanic child abduction."

    Fred Rogers

    What's something you believed 100% that, looking back now, was complete bullshit? Tell me in the comments!