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    People Are Sharing The Most Disgusting Things They've Seen Someone Else Do In Public, And You Should Not Read These If You Don't Have A Strong Stomach

    "One time I watched her put out a cigarette butt in the casino, then eat it."

    There are no two ways about it: Sometimes people are just downright gross, and sometimes you witness that grossness and it stays with you forever, like a gross little addition to your gross little scrapbook.

    Reddit user u/Killmumger recently asked, "What's the most disgusting thing you've seen someone do with no shame?" Here are a few big yucky moments:

    1. "Working customer service at Walmart, I once had a customer take off her very worn, very smelly shoes and put them on the counter looking for a refund because the insole in one of them was coming apart. It was a brand we hadn't even carried in four or five years."


    2. "First that comes to mind, working at a casino, there was this one lady who smoked SO much, she complained the servers weren't bringing her new ashtrays often enough and started ashing on her tongue. One time I watched her put out a cigarette butt on the machine, then fucking eat it."

    cigarette butt

    3. "I saw a customer at work sneeze into his hand full of change and give it to my coworker. I didn’t have time to warn her."


    4. "A kid in middle school ran and dove into a super-long trough urinal, sliding down it baseball style the whole length."


    5. "I had a boss who went to a party at her employee's house and immediately took off her shoes and started clipping her toenails."


    6. "I was the only woman in an otherwise all-male office and we had one bathroom. We all took turns cleaning it and I was fine doing my part. Until we figured out that the reason it always smelled bad was because a 60-year-old man was urinating on the floor (there was a drain) and not the toilet. My boss said something to him, and he shrugged and said, 'My wife cleans up after me at home.' He was told his wife doesn’t work here, but it didn’t matter and he kept doing it. From then on out, I refused to use that bathroom and started going down the street to the gas station every time I needed to go. Since I wasn’t using it, I didn’t have to help keep it clean and there was no fucking way I was going to help keep that bathroom clean when a grown-ass man was literally peeing on the floor."

    Bathroom stalls

    7. "At a music festival, walking past a garbage bin, my buddy walks up to it to throw something in. He looks inside, bends in, comes out again holding half a kebab, and goes, 'Look at what people throw away!' And he proceeds to eat it. E, you fucking legend."


    8. "My mother-in-law uses her own hair to floss…while at the dinner table."


    9. "At work, I once witnessed a corporate executive pull half-eaten celery and a container of blue cheese out of the cafeteria trash; proclaim, 'Love me some trash celery!'; and close her office door. She made at least $150,000 a year."


    10. "She cleaned her phone screen by licking it."

    Hands holding a cellphone

    11. "I stayed at a hotel with a swimming pool. One day, I saw a guest shave her legs, cut her nails, and scrub her feet in the kids pool."


    12. "Back when I was in high school, a couple was making out in the lunch line right in front of me. The worst part: One of their noses was running. I really don’t want to type the rest, but noses were soppin’ and they were NOT STOPPIN'. I left the line, traumatized."


    13. "I was at a wedding. It was during the buffet meal and the woman in line behind me was dipping her fingers in each individual food item as she put it on her plate. As in, food goes on her plate, her finger goes in the food on her plate, tastes the food by licking it off her finger. Then get more food from the next serving dish, using the hand she'd just licked. I could hear her smacking her lips at each food item. I told the catering staff they needed to replace all the serving ware immediately. They saw it. They did. I'm so glad I was in front of her. This was not pre-COVID. This was last September."

    Wedding buffet

    14. "I went on a date and the girl started picking her nose. She was going at it like there was a big chunk she was gonna pull out and wiped her hands on the chair. I'm glad we were at the end of our date. I paid the bill and ran as fast as I could."


    15. "I watched in horror as my friend threw an entire stick of room temperature butter into popcorn."


    16. "Spitting out of a van window onto someone in a car in stopped traffic. The prick who did it had this shit-eating look of smug satisfaction on his face as the van drove away."


    17. "I was driving behind a car a few weeks ago and someone inside just wound the window down and tipped out a whole bunch of cartons, Costa cups, bags, etc. onto the road without giving a flying fuck. It made my blood boil."


    Tell me the grossest thing you've ever seen someone do PROUDLY in the comments!