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Current and Former College Tour Guides, What's Something That You Want Prospective Students to Know?

From how to get the most out of the tour to how not to annoy your guide.

I'm Maya, and I was a campus tour guide at my university for three years!

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Queen of walking backward and explaining amenities of a campus gym I've never even worked out in.

I'm reaching out to former and current college tour guides to ask: What's something that you wish prospective students knew?

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Maybe you've had one too many silent tour groups of terrified high-schoolers and want to let them know that not only is it okay to ask questions but that you actually want them to!

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Did you have a group that was too afraid to ask about the social scene in college because they incorrectly assumed that asking about parties would be inappropriate? 

Even worse, have you had tours where parents ask questions for their kids, to the point where you almost feel like asking if they're the ones planning on attending the university?

Or maybe you've had a group of high schoolers that treat their college visit like a day off from school and spend the entire tour making fun of the university and disrupting the tour.

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Or maybe it's the opposite, and you're stuck giving a tour to a know-it-all who thinks they know everything about your school and ends up trying to correct you on your own tour!

Or do you have a spicy, behind-the-scenes tour guide secret that you're just dying to share? Something like, Spoiler alert: We actually do gossip about tour groups when they've gone!

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Especially if your dad is hot. 

If you've got any tips or stories to share, be sure to drop them in the comments or fill out this anonymous Google Form!