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    22 Things People Did For Themselves, Even Though Society Told Them Not To, And They Loved It Anyway

    "Demoting myself so I could work closer to home! I was so afraid, but it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. I make almost the same amount of money for so much less responsibility and no commute."

    Making a life change can be scary at times, especially when it feels like there are unspoken rules in society that expect you to live your life a certain way.

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    Reddit user u/hennipotamus recently asked, "What was your 'why didn’t I do this sooner?!' moment?" Here are a few changes:

    1. "I was so afraid to be a clothing brand size bigger that I put off buying new jeans for, like, a year. Now that I’m wearing these comfy ass jeans that actually fit me and I’m not busting out of, I cannot figure out why I waited so long."


    2. "Starting my own cat shelter for the ones no one wants. I read somewhere that when you're trying to figure out your life's purpose, keep writing down ideas until you find the one that makes you cry. This is it for me. I've never felt more fulfilled and like I'm doing what I was made to do."


    3. "Use my PTO unapologetically."

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    4. "Hiring a cleaning service. I never wanted to spend the money when I could do it myself, but finding the time and energy to do it was a constant struggle. It often didn't get done and caused me so much stress. My significant other talked me into it last year, and I have no regrets."


    5. "Getting a hysterectomy at 28 after years of endometriosis pain."

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    6. "Regular massages! I have a regular massage therapist who remembers what kind of touch and pressure I like. I go once a month, and it has made such a difference in my mental health and ability to relax. It always seemed like such an unnecessary expenditure except once in a while on special occasions, but I definitely wish I’d started sooner."


    7. "Getting rid of any clothes that don’t fit or I don’t feel good wearing. Now, when I open my closet, every piece fits, and I can wear it all."

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    8. "Asking for a raise or countering a starting salary offer with a higher number. All of my guy friends ask for raises every single year and/or counter starting offers with a higher amount, and they almost always get it or close to what they asked for. Only one of my girlfriends does this, and she gets it. The rest of my girlfriends are too timid or just assume their work will be recognized and they’ll be paid accordingly at some point. The odds of that happening are so incredibly low; you have to advocate for yourself."


    9. "Ditching the majority of my (shitty) friends. I thought feeling sad all the time was just part of my state of being, lol. My life is much sadder on paper now, and yet, without those people in my life, I still feel much happier than I used to! Sometimes, feeling like the least favorite friend can be a mark of your own issues/insecurities, but there are instances when it really is just intuition."


    10. "Choosing to leave a longterm toxic relationship with my son's father."


    11. "Going to concerts alone. I'm used to doing things alone and have always been pretty comfortable, but for some reason, I balked at going to concerts by myself. I feel like I missed out on some great bands and experiences. But I'm making up for it now!"

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    12. "I went to a psychiatrist for antidepressants! I should have done it a decade ago."


    13. "Embrace my naturally curly hair."


    14. "Starting gymnastics. I wish I'd been able to start as a kid, but I couldn't. I don't so much regret that, because it was not my choice. But I found out that there were adult classes near me for many years before I had a clue, and then, it took me way too long to get up the nerve. I made a vow that during my 42nd year, I would at least try all the things I have always wanted to try. Mere days before 43, I nervously tip-toed my way on shaking legs into my first class, barely knowing how to do a handstand and with no idea what I would find."

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    15. "Braving going back to school as an older student. I was terrified of being judged and mocked, but I had a fantastic time and did two courses. I found topics that I loved and am building myself a much better career."


    16. "Move to a new apartment. I realized how much time I wasted in a neighborhood I shouldn’t have stayed in, in a building I shouldn’t have stayed in, because I thought I had to make 'adult,' 'responsible' decisions. That kind of thinking never got me anywhere good, and I keep relearning that lesson in different aspects of my life."


    17. "Demoting myself so I could work closer to home! I was so afraid, but it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. And I make almost the same amount of money for so much less responsibility and no commute."


    18. "Breast reduction surgery at age 28. It changed my life physically, socially, and emotionally all for the better. The recovery was also not bad at all."


    "The biggest one has been getting a breast reduction. Back and neck pain is a thing of the past, and my self-confidence has been off the charts compared to the 28 years prior. Best decision of my life!!"


    19. "I admitted to myself that I wasn’t just a 'naturally anxious thinker.' I wasn’t coping, and something more was going on. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety, which caused a snowball effect: bloody hard work in therapy, but life-changing, improved thoughts. I walked away from shit friendships, drank way less, quit smoking, got a new job, made peace with myself over extended family problems, and am a much better mother. None of this would have happened if I didn’t take that first step."

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    20. "Regularly going without a bra. Life got so much comfier, and the world didn't end. Why did I wait until age 40?"


    21. "Doing a boudoir session. I hate taking photos, as I struggle with body dysmorphia. I feel like I’m the least photogenic person out there, but somehow, my photographer was able to take some amazing shots. It was such a confidence booster."


    22. "Going salsa dancing by myself. For years, I would only go if a friend came along. While it’s a passion/hobby of mine, friends were interested more superficially and would flake almost all of the time. Now, I go alone, and it’s so much fun! I’ve become a much better dancer over the past few months because I’ve been practicing more regularly."