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People Are Sharing Things Someone Did That Turned A First Date Into A Last Date, And I Definitely Understand

"He shared with me that he didn’t believe in washing his hands after going to the bathroom."

With the holidays coming up, you might be feeling a bit lonely if you're spending the winter a bit more single than you'd like to be.

Well, do I have the cure for you: Reddit user u/Artistic_Pop_3323 recently asked, "On the first date, what were some immediate red flags that made you not go on a second date?" Here are a few responses that'll make you feel glad you're single:

1. "This dude spent the whole date talking about how he used to sell cocaine."


2. "I was planning a first date with this guy years ago and he suggested bowling. I said it was fine, but I'd done it once a few years prior and I was legitimately terrible at it. The group I was with at the time made it fun regardless of my being totally uncoordinated. He offered to teach me, but I said another time — I just wanted to get to know him in a relaxed environment. He suggested we still bowl, minus the lessons and he could also share in the hilarity of my lack of skill. I was down. The night came and the lessons started almost immediately. How to stand, where to stand, everything I'm doing wrong, I'm not taking it seriously, he's trying to teach me 'for my own good.' He became mean. Not one smile except when he saw me at the start. I told him this was not the fun/chill night I said I was looking for and he told me it would be if I took the game more seriously. He was actually angry about the whole night."

Bowling alley

3. "A few years ago met up with a guy at a bar and the entire time he would not stop talking about how he couldn’t wait to go to Russia and get a mail-order-bride."


4. "She was still married and said she just wanted to know if she’d 'be able to still get dates if they split up.' Worst date ever."


5. "He was about 10 years older than his pictures, and he kept pressuring me to go back to his place. I noped the fuck outta there."


6. "He suggested something for me on the menu, but I wasn't feeling it. I ordered, and he grabbed the waitress as she tried to walk away, and said 'No, she'll have [what he recommended] instead, thanks.' And let her go, and that was that. It didn't even occur to him that she wouldn't listen or that I'd be pissed. Walked right out of the restaurant."

Reading a menu

7. "She pulled out a switchblade mid-conversation to slice up a passing ant."


8. "I went on a date with a guy years ago. We were in San Francisco walking around after an art show, and he just littered. I said, 'Oh, there’s a trash can right over there.' and he just said, 'So what?' and chuckled. I never saw that guy again."


9. "He told me he had worms. Not in a casting, fishing, or terrarium kind of way; Full on internal parasites."


10. "At dinner, he shared with me that he didn’t believe in washing his hands after going to the bathroom, as long as toilet paper was used effectively, 'hand washing was obsolete.' He said all of this while licking his fingers and digging into a shared basket of appetizers. I was disgusted."

Baskets of appetizers

11. "I went out for drinks with a guy who monologued the entire time. I could barely get a word in. It was the worst."


12. "The date went fine but on the drive back he got into a road rage. He started blasting through red lights and speeding and yelling. I told him that I’m not putting my life in danger over a hissy-fit from a grown-ass man. Nope."


13. "She brought her toddler; No big deal, I have kids, too, I get it. She wanted to shop for an outfit for her kid because she was doing a Christmas card family portrait later that week. It was a bit uncomfortable, but hanging out shopping? Sure, why not. Then she started holding up clothes to me because I was 'about the same size' as her ex and he was going to be in the portrait too even though he's her ex because you know, the kid. Then she asked if I would try things on so she'd know how they would look...on her ex...I walked off to 'find the fitting room' but found my car instead and was very glad we drove separately and I wasn't leaving her stranded."


14. "I'm an alcoholic. At the time I had been sober for five years or so. The entire time she just kept trying to neg me about it to try and get me to drink. It was really weird. I didn't see her again and then on Valentine's day she sent me a long message asking how I could reject her like that. Overall, it was very uncomfortable."


15. "He stared at his phone the whole time. Then after we parted, he sent a text complimenting my ass and then said we should go out again."

Man typing on phone

16. "He told me that he had an eight-year-old son (at the end of the date) and said, 'You don’t have to worry about him though, even though I have 50/50 custody, I don’t go to see him.'"


17. "I once went on a first date with a guy who was clearly not over his ex. He spent the entire time talking about her, comparing me to her, and even showing me pictures of them together. It was a huge red flag for me and made it clear that he wasn't ready for a new relationship. Needless to say, I didn't go on a second date with him."

Red warning flag

18. "I went on a date with a guy who called himself a mama’s boy and said no woman would ever compare to his mother. There was no second date, and despite how many times I turned him down and said I wasn’t interested, he kept calling and texting me for two years until I changed my number."


19. "His lunch was absolutely all over his face and hands. Everywhere. He also got up THRICE from the table to go to the bathroom but came back messy each time."


20. "Went out with a girl, we hit it off well to the point that things heated up and I spent the night at her place, only to wake up to an empty house and no clothes. She had taken ALL of my clothes, including my underwear, with her to work."