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Pitches Be (Road) Trippin': The Family Vacation Edition

Have you ever wondered what your road trip persona is? Take this fun quiz and find out which one you would be in our road trip adventure! Make sure you check out our final concert on December 2nd at the Kay Spiritual Life Center!

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  1. 1.

    Sing-Alongs and Games!
    Eatings Snacks
    Telling Stories
    Listening to NPR
    Rolling A Joint in the Back
    Reblogging Angsty Photos on Tumblr
    Sticking your head out the window
  2. 2.

    That everyone makes fun of my birkenstocks
    No one lets me have the aux chord!
    No one likes my stories!
    These Damn Dumb Drivers!
    Being Tired!
    No One Wants to Sing With Me
    Nothing :)
  3. 3.

    Anything Bright and Tacky
    Whatever goes with my capris
    Anything with 'Nike' on it
    Black :(
    IDK What is color?
    Nothing bc my eyes are closed
    Whatever color my Hawaiian shirt of the day is
  4. 4. How do you feel about road trips?

    Love spending time with the family!
    Stressed :/
    Mad at my parents for making me come
    Too tired to care
    Loving a chance to pack my fanny pack!
    I don't know, what even are feelings?
    I just go with the flow
    I just follow the smells!
  5. 5.

    I guess I might see some hot chicks
    My parents made me
    I don't know, I just want to sleep
    We need some serious family bonding!
    I just do what my wife says
    I love teaching things to my grandkids!
    I just follow the food
    Gotta wear the birks out in public too!
  6. 6.

    70's disco/pop
    Classic Rock
    NPR Smooth Jaz
    Dog sounds
    Anything played on a grammaphone
  7. 7.

    Whatever I was wearing last night
    I don't wear clothes
    Tie-dye, Cargo shorts and BIRKENSTOCKS!
    Some comfortable walking shoes
    Something cute, but probably black
    A 'blouse' and khaki capris
    All Nike (maybe adidas)
    Fashionable but fashionable 20 years ago
  8. 8.

    Stalking my daughters Facebook to make sure she's staying out of trouble
    Reading liberal news pages
    Reading the News
    Texting my friends about how tired I am
    Snapchatting too much
    Commenting on everything I see on Facebook
    Sniffing around for fallen crumbs
  9. 9.

    If these damn drivers learn how to drive!
    Of course! Wouldn't miss it!
    I guess, If I'm not too tired
    Will there be cute girls?
    I'll be there with snacks!
    The music won't be as good as mine, but I guess...
    Yes! I love people and music!

Pitches Be (Road) Trippin': The Family Vacation Edition

You got: The Angsty Teenager

You got the Angsty Teenager! You're going through some tough teenage times learning about the real world and spending a lot of time on tumblr. You're always fighting for the aux chord and arguing that you're music taste is better. 'No one cares about who listened to them first!!'

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You got: The Hippie-Grandpa

This Grandpa will welcome one and all to his little family. He enjoys the good green and he's got a little (or big) stash with him at all times! The only time he's not chill is when you criticize his birkenstocks because then he'll have to kill you.

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You got: The Sing-A-Long Mom

This mom just wants everyone to just get along and love each other. She's always singing and really just never shuts her pie hole, but her intentions are always good. You can always go to her for a little pick me up and a great hug!

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You got: The Family Dog

Honestly, this family dog is just here for a good time and to be able to eat any food that falls anywhere. Doggo is just here to create fun memories and smell new smells!

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You got: The 'Overprepared For Anything' Grandma

You're ready with the snacks, with the band-aids, the tylenol, ibuprofen and the antacids and the barf bags as well as anything else anyone may ever need ever. But you can't get to the trail mix without a 'fun', reminiscent story from good ol' gramma!

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You got: Perpetually Sleepy Teenager

You don't know why you're here, if you had any say you would be at home, still in bed. You're normal wake up time is around 4 in the afternoon and when anyone ever asks you how you're doing, you're go to answer is 'tired'. All you want is everyone to shut up so you can take a nap, is that too much to ask for?

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You got: Road Raging Dad

You're pretty chill 90% of the time and just want to listen to the news, but when it comes to stupid drivers, you just lose your cool! I mean who decided to give them a goddamn license? Was their DMV test proctor blind or just plain stupid? Don't you know it's RUDE to cut people off? Or did your mother never teach you any manners?!

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You got: Pre-Pubescent Teenage Boy

You're body is changing and you're going through formative years of your life. But that doesn't stop you from being a little shit! You love making fun of everyone and making inappropriate jokes at all times. People have accepted you for who you are, but little did they know that with time, you just get a whole lot worse.

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