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16 Maya Rudolph And Martin Short Reaction GIFs We Can All Relate To

Maya Rudolph and Martin Short star in a hilarious new take on the variety show in Maya & Marty. To celebrate, here are some of their most memorable and relatable reactions. Maya & Marty premieres Tuesday, May 31, at 10 p.m. on NBC.

1. You in a group photo vs. you in a selfie:

2. Every face swap got you feeling like:

3. When you can't understand how the barista managed to mess up your name that badly:

4. When you suggest an outing to your friends in the group chat:

5. And nobody responds.

6. You stumbling into adulthood like:

7. You trying to explain Snapchat to someone who doesn't get it:

8. When you finally reunite with the squad:

9. But one of your squad members tries to bring a new person into the group:

10. When your friends gang up on you with dumb jokes:

11. And you shut them down with the sickest burn of them all:

12. You checking your bank account after a night out:

13. When you're at your friend's place for dinner, and they say, "Let's just order pizza":

14. But then they're like, "Let's just split a medium":

15. When you remember you have tomorrow off:

16. Starting your vacation off like:

All imagery courtesy of NBC Studios.

Admit it: You've missed them. Maya & Marty premieres on Tuesday, May 31, at 10 p.m. only on NBC. It also features Kenan Thompson! All of us right now: