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11 People You Should Definitely Have A Cup Of Coffee With

"Hey, let's get some coffee" are some seriously magic words. Catch up with special folks over a delicious cup of Maxwell Coffee!

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1. The coach who pushed your physical limits.

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Why: Because they are the only person who could ever get you to run a seven-minute mile. Catching up with them will remind you of all that you can achieve.

2. The new person at work.

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Why: Because you are a nice human being, and they probably are too! But seriously, being the newbie is pretty intimidating, so share some good convo over some good coffee, and let the comfort set in.

4. Your grandfather's childhood best friend.

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Why: Hearing stories about your own grandpa from another perspective will blow you away — guaranteed. Plus, aren't you curious to know what he was like at your age? It'll be great!

6. Your mysterious crush.

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Why: Because A), having coffee is informal enough that they won't automatically assume you are into them, and B), not being at, say, a noisy bar, is much better from a conversational standpoint.

7. That really smart guy you went to school with.

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Why: Brain-picking really intelligent people can be truly enlightening. Nerdy-types may tend to appear antisocial at times, but they are also some of the more peculiarly interesting people you can hang out with.

8. A person you admire professionally.

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Why: Today, it's easy to connect with your idols thanks to social media, so don't hesitate at the thought of sending a message to someone whose career has turned out exactly the way you want yours to. Politely hit your heroes up on LinkedIn — the worst that can happen is that they'll be flattered, (which isn't bad at all).

9. Your friend's 5-year-old kid.

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Why: Sure, they'll be distracted with dogs walking by and will drink hot chocolate instead of coffee, or if anything they'll spill it everywhere, but they'll compensate by unknowingly being the funnest date ever! (And it's not an all-day thing — ha!)

10. Your teenage cousin.

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Why: Not only can it be really interesting to see what their generation is into, it can also be surprisingly fulfilling to be able to give them advice if they are in need of a little guidance.

11. A former boss.

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Why: True story: They hired you, they made you great, and when you were ready to fly, they wished you the best. Staying in touch with people who have helped you grow professionally is something you'll never regret.

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