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10 Ways You Could Totally Still Turn Into A Superhero

So you weren't born with supernatural abilities. Not to worry! There is still time for you to accidentally encounter some stray radiation, or if you’re in a pinch, pick up a Max Steel Turbo Sword so you can join the ranks of your favorite superheroes

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1. Generally, you don't interview for these things. But you never know.

herohq / Via

So is this "superhero" position salaried or paid hourly?

2. Being a sidekick is always a good place to start.


It's all about who you know!

3. Maybe an alien will deem you worthy to shoulder its galactic responsibilities.


With galactic responsibilities come galactic superpowers. Sweet.

4. A little scientific experimentation has worked in the past.

Paramount Pictures / Via

"Oh, you know, just testing a few of these samples on myself before we go any further. Standard stuff."

5. You could always cross paths with some sort of radioactive insect.

6. Or perhaps some mysterious goo is more suited to your style?


Hint: green means radioactive.

7. Better yet, just take the direct route and get your radiation from the source.


Grab a book, go outside, and soak up some gamma rays.

8. But who needs special powers? Just take matters into your own hands.

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With the right costume and theme, you'll be putting down bad guys in no time!

9. If you are feeling extra saucy, you could build your own superhero suit.

10. Or if that sounds like too much effort, you could let the government experiment on you.

Boston Dynamics / Via

They have such an excellent track record with this sort of thing.

No matter which path you choose, it's definitely a good idea to have a Turbo Sword on hand.


If Max Steel uses it, you know it's good.