16 Practical IKEA Hacks To Make Your Life All-Around Better

    The fastest and simplest Ikea tips and tricks.

    1. Ditch the catch-all laundry basket, and use the TROFAST system to keep your darks, whites, and brights sorted by the wash temperature from the get-go.

    2. Use the GRUNDTAL rail as a way to keep your cleaning supplies handy...

    3. And use the SUNNERSTA system to sort things like laundry pods:

    4. With a little creativity, you can build simple shoe closet using VARIERA containers with GRUNDTAL rails and S-hooks.

    5. You'll need an angle grinder, but you can totally convert a TORKAD towel roll holder into a wine glass holder:

    6. Or, go ahead and build your own wine rack easily with a bunch of GRUNDTAL rails:

    7. Never hunt for gift ribbon again with the ORDNING cutlery holder:

    8. And with the VARIERA bag dispenser, you can keep your wrapping paper in shipshape:

    9. The BEKVÄM spice rack is perfy for sorting nail polish:

    10. And with a little elbow grease, the VARIERA shelf insert can make hanging up your jewelry a breeze:

    11. Meanwhile, the VURM wine rack is great for rubber boots:

    12. For the holidays, you can create a v. sparkly vibe with the IKEA MASKROS pendant lamp and a few tree ornaments:

    13. Plus, the ​BEKVÄM step stool can be redecorated as a play kitchen for the kiddos:

    14. And, if your kids are a bit older and prefer Lego, easily turn your LACK side table into a Lego paradise:

    15. Use the MOSSLANDA picture ledge to create a spice rack or shelf for reading:

    16. And finally, use the FROSTA stool to build the hipster bike stand of your dreams:

    For more excellent IKEA hacks, be sure to check out ikeahackers.net.

    This post was translated from German.