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    24 Truths That Hairdressers Live Out Every Day

    Every day is arms day.

    1. A good hairdresser is always armed and ready.

    fraeulein_oeko / Via

    2. Your toolkit looks something like this...

    sharpscissors4 / Via

    3. Your hands usually look something like this...

    4. And don't even get us started on your nails.

    5. You know the exact angle to sit with your legs apart to avoid getting hair all over your clothes...

    kammundschere / Via

    6. And your personal pet peeve are customers who move their heads too much.

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    Or not enough!

    7. You end up noticing details about people no one else would...

    8. And your arms are getting pretty ripped with all the blow drying you have to do every day.

    9. There are two types of hairdressers, and usually you're the one on the left.

    10. And to anyone else, this might look like an innocent bowl of blueberry yogurt.

    stienwellendorffriseure / Via

    But you know it is most definitely not.

    11. Seeing hair on the floor makes you weirdly happy.

    cerryn_2017 / Via

    12. And there's honestly nothing better than running your hands through healthy, beautiful hair.

    color_me_steph / Via

    13. Or being giving it a good shampoo.

    riseur_headhunter / Via

    14. You've mastered the basics of giving a great head massage...

    15. And going the extra mile to get the job done right.

    16. You have a favorite pair of scissors and a favorite comb...

    kiraselinaatesoro / Via

    17. Which is why it's so heartbreaking when your fave comb breaks...

    18. Or when a promising new pair of scissors turns on you.

    miss_scarletthairandmakeup / Via

    So. Sharp.

    19. You've quickly realized that fake nails are not an option.

    20. Your BFF from beauty school looks something like this...

    denisedalheimer / Via

    21. This is your "desk" for the day...

    sandra_sso_nico_reiten / Via

    22. And this is a picture of the ultimate trophy to be won.

    23. You love restoring hair to its natural, healthy state just as much as you love dramatic transformations.

    fazlamurat / Via

    24. And at the end of the day, you know there's nothing better than helping people look their best.

    This post was translated from German.