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    Virtual Reality Is Making A Big Impact In Healthcare

    How One Facility is Improving Anxiety and Pain Management in Children and Adults.

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    A six-year-old's latest visit was made much better due to the latest VR technology.

    A New Hampshire company is one of the first facilities to offer virtual reality to their patients while they wait for medical procedures. Technology has now given the industry a way to reduce the use of anti-anxiety medications by utilizing virtual reality to make medical experiences less anxiety-inducing.


    Facilities are offering VR as a drug-free alternative to easing anxiety before undergoing a stressful medical procedure. The video above highlights one six-year old's experience at his latest visit.

    At no additional cost, patients will be able to wear the virtual reality gear while waiting for their procedure to begin or while in post-operative recovery. It doesn’t matter if the procedure is surgical or an in-office procedure; patients will have the option of using this technology as a distraction to calm their nerves if the experience brings them anxiety.

    According to appliedVR case studies, pre-clinical results showed a 63% reduction in anxiety and clinical results showed a 24% decrease in pain when patients used virtual reality. Because of these benefits, virtual reality is gaining a reputation as the non-pharmaceutical alternative to calm nerves by reducing – or in some cases eliminating completely – the need for anti-anxiety medications like Valium.

    Story and Video Provided by Access Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics

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