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7 Trendy Wine Cocktails To Catch A Whole Vibe This Summer

We know you've been ordering the same thing for the last eight summers, but it's time to refresh your go-to drink choices. These trendy wine cocktails will help you attract all the right vibes for a refreshingly epic summer.

1. Matua Spritz

A glass of Matua Spritz over ice with kiwis.

2. Watermelon Sangria

3. Peach Sangria Popsicles

4. Blissful Berry Wine Cubes

White wine poured over a glass of strawberry-and-wine ice cubes.

5. Blue Curacao Agua Fresca

Two glasses of Blue Curacao Agua Fresca with fresh lemon and white wine.

6. Pink Frosé Lemonade

7. Rosemary Rosé Spritzer

Now you're ready for a summer full of refreshing vibes!

Visit Matua Wines for more refreshing drink inspiration that'll help you catch all the best vibes this summer.

All images via Matua Wines.