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    The Older Brother From The "Narnia" Movies Is Looking Fine As Hell

    William Moseley, aka Peter Pevensie from the Narnia franchise, is back on screen in The Royals. And he's looking fine as hell.

    OK, so. Do you guys remember that dude William Moseley?

    You remember, he was the actor who played Peter Pevensie in the Narnia movies.

    Like, he definitely spurred a good amount of pre-teen sexual awakenings.

    Well. Gird your loins. Because this is him now:

    WillMo is looking fine as fuck.

    He's on this new amazingly trashy/trashily amazing show The Royals, in which he co-stars with Elizabeth Hurley and Alexandra Park.

    He portrays the fictional Prince Liam, heir apparent to the crown and playboy with a heart of gold.

    And abs of steel.

    I mean, honestly.

    You're welcome.

    Predictably, the character's a well-intentioned and unhelpfully promiscuous ~bloke~ who must smarten up if he's to be worthy of the throne.

    Here's William as Liam — haha, wait, that's funny — playing champagne pong.

    Taking a break during polo practice.

    And taking a long walk on the beach with his herd of corgis.

    But the handsome dapperness shines on and off screen.

    Thank you to @TommyHilfiger for suiting me up last night!!!!

    [frantic screams of "DATE ME!!" are heard in the distance]

    Add him to the list of kid celebs who have Neville Longbottomed hard.

    Bravo, WillMo. Bravo.