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This Girl Overheard A Crazy Conversation At Starbucks And Live-Tweeted It


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Ellie Centeno was just hanging out at a Starbucks in the Philippines when she began to overhear a very interesting conversation.

Courtesy of Ellie Centeno / Via Twitter: @ForEllice

"It happened this morning while I was having my morning tea," she told BuzzFeed Philippines in an interview. "It was at a Starbucks in the Makati area."

Three women were speaking a little too loudly about certain extracurricular activities.

Sitting next to a group of mid-40 amigas at Starbucks & one of them is asking the two others for advice because she slept w/ her ex-husband.

And things got pretty real.

"Honestly, I can't believe I slept with him pero I had so much wine kasi!" (From what I gather, she remarried and is still married.)

N.B. Amiga #2 is all of us.

"Oh my gosh, how was it?" (Amiga # 2 asking the important questions.)


Alternately, there's also #CoffeeOrChupa.

"Coffee ba talaga yan or chupa?" (Amiga # 2 is a woman after my own heart. Amiga # 3 takes a long drag of her Esse and groans audibly.)

The live-tweet even grabbed the attention of some local celebs.

Most entertaining thread on Twitter!!!! 😂😂😂 #TeamAmiga #SPG

Even though Ellie changed identifying details in the conversation, the live-tweet still took off, capturing the imagination of the Filipino internet on a Monday night.

Mama, we made it. PSA: Names + company mentioned in the thread were changed, obviously. 👏🏽

"I changed the names and the company name mentioned," she told BuzzFeed Philippines. She said she had to keep Amiga #1's name, however, because a joke Amiga #2 made wouldn't have made sense had she been given a pseudonym.

Amiga #2 is just that good.


Case in point.

"Ay nako, you talaga! Kami ni Mike, when it gets boring in the bedroom, we roleplay!" (Amiga # 2 is officially my favorite amiga.)

The conversation took a dark turn for a moment.

"John died two months ago. Cardiac arrest. Sa Quezon Ave. yung burol." (Damn, Amiga # 3 is making all this tension build up.)

But Amiga #3 was able to keep everyone on track.

"Ay nako, matanda ka na, Raquel. What are you going to do when Alfie comes home?" (Amiga # 3 speaks up. Note: Alfie is away for work.)

Can Amiga #1 live???

"Ay nako, wag ka nga. I just need your support on this." (Amiga # 1 looks at Amiga # 2 with an expression of desperation.)


We are all #thirstytita's tbh.

"Decided na ako. I'll meet Rolly tonight for coffee & tell him we can't do that again. Even if I want to." (Amiga # 1 is a #thirstytita.)

Ellie is an editor for Stache magazine and has experience with community management, so the idea to live-tweet the conversation came naturally.

Karen De La Fuente / Courtesy of Ellie Centeno / Via

"#livetweets are something I do on the reg," she told BuzzFeed Philippines. She says she knew to change certain details for privacy reasons. "And I'm armed with intense typing skills and fast LTE. I had to do it, mostly because it was funny."

And the Pinoy internet is much, much happier for it.

Obvsly Carrie is #1 with all that cheating thing, #2 is Samantha for that vibrator joke and Miranda is #3 for the truth bombs lol

the line "We're just having coffee" is forever ruined. HAHA #TeamAmiga


I got Amiga # 3! | Which Amiga are you? Take this personality quiz and find out! #ThirstyTitasofManila #TeamAmiga

To read the whole conversation, you can start from the very beginning here.

Some take-aways: Amiga # 1: thirsty af tita. Amiga # 2: my favorite tita. Amiga # 3: dropping truth faster than Drake dropping mixtapes.

Matt Ortile (or-TEE-lay) works in editorial operations at BuzzFeed, is the editor of BuzzFeed Philippines, and is based in New York.

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