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    RED ALERT: Netflix Has Officially Arrived In The Philippines

    Are you ready for the local version: Orange is The New Black Nazarene?

    This week, Netflix announced that it is FINALLY streaming in the Philippines.

    Netflix / Via

    The video-streaming service announced it's expanding its streaming service to 130 countries and the Philippines is on the list. Other new markets include Azerbaijan, Vietnam, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, and Indonesia.


    Netflix / BuzzFeed / Via

    You can sign up for a subscription at their Philippine website, and monthly plans start at PHP370.

    Netflix / Via

    You can stream on multiple devices if you get Standard (PHP460 per month) and you can get HD when you do Premium (PHP550 per month).

    And despite the notoriously slow internet connection in the country, Filipinos are pretty hyped about the big news.

    Naturally, everyone began pitching their own ideas for original Netflix shows with Filipino twists, such as:

    This gripping drama.

    This feel-good show.

    This holiday special.

    This sooooo relatable series.

    And this intrepid news coverage.

    Basically, Filipino fuccbois now speak this universal language:

    Welcome to the Philippines, Netflix! And enjoy streaming/buffering, Filipinos!

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

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