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Meet The Hottest Mushroom Farmer In The World

Holy shiitake mushrooms.

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Attention, citizens. Allow me to introduce you to Marco Lobregat.

Filbert Kung / Courtesy of Plus Magazine / Via

Marco was something of a matinee idol in the Philippines in the '90s and early '00s after starring in a Coca-Cola ad campaign.

After working in sales and in newsrooms, Marco eventually entered agriculture and became, yes, a mushroom farmer.

Found some #Mushrooms at #Macalauan Always loved their dairy products, now I love them even more! These guys rock!

His love for fun guys β€” er, fungi is evident on his Twitter.

Mushroom Cream Pasta topped with Crunchy Bacon #MinistryofMushrooms #Mushrooms #Recipe #Food #Yummy

He even shares the recipes he whips up on Vine. The manπŸ‘ can πŸ‘ cook πŸ‘.

My Mushy Valentine: Stuffed Shiitake Mushrooms with Goat Cheese and Fresh Herbs #Valentines #Recipe by #Min...

And here's Marco giving a tour of his company, Ministry of Mushrooms β€” its labs, farm, and all. Go and sound the Hot Nerd Siren.

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When he's not busy entrepreneuring, he still finds time to casually take modeling jobs.

And to be featured in magazines.

And to appear at events because he's a brilliant human and v. easy on the eyes.

Reaaaaaally easy on the eyes.

Or no beard.

Courtesy of Lifestyle Asia / Via

Or just the perfect amount of stubble.

Filbert Kung / Via

Literally all of this is G O A L S.

Follow Marco on Instagram or on Twitter. Because, you know, you really love mushrooms, maybe.

Courtesy of Rogue Magazine / Via

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