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    8 Tweets Proving The NFL Needs To Draft From Home Every Year

    "Mike McCarthy is my dad every time I try to FaceTime with him."

    For the first time ever, the NFL draft has taken place virtually. While technical issues have been sparse, unprecedented looks into the homes of those involved have been plentiful.

    Some of these glimpses have been amusing, others inspiring, and many have convinced a record number of viewers that the NFL needs to draft from home every year. Case in point...

    Commissioner Roger Goodell trying his hardest to be relatable with some old school technology:

    Roger Goodell has an Xbox Kinect set up in his basement for the #NFLDraft Which is actually fly, dope, and mean as hell. no cap.

    Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones living his best life, quarantine be damned:

    Jerry Jones drafting from his yacht can’t even be bothered to lift his arms to hold a phone

    And new Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy attempting to figure out how this whole "video conferencing" thing works:

    Mike McCarthy is my dad every time I try to FaceTime with him.

    Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel and his crew having way more fun than everyone else:

    The Vrabel household has some interesting characters, including what appears to be someone on the toilet.

    The Belichick household going full Harry Potter:

    Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa's potential NCAA violation of a house:

    @BrennonChapman Let’s talk about Tua’s house....

    Wide receiver CeeDee Lamb's phone snatch seen 'round the world:

    The way CeeDee Lamb snatched that phone back 🤣 (via @mixeduppasha)

    And to be outdone by no one, Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury flexing hard on everyone else's home setup #LifeGoals:

    Kliff Kingsbury just dunking on everyone else’s NFL Draft set up.

    Next year's NFL draft is scheduled to take place in Cleveland. Here's to hoping big gatherings are allowed, but the league opts to draft from home anyway.


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