These Awesome Pictures Of Extreme Surfers Reveal What It’s Like To Ride Waves In The Arctic Circle

    Daring surfers take on Arctic temperatures and admire the northern lights around the coast of Norway.

    Surfing often means a hot beach, warm waves, and beach bums soaking up the sun. But in Norway's Lofoten archipelago in the Arctic Circle surfers tackle a very different climate, with current ocean temperatures of 5–6°C and an air temperature of around 0°C.

    These pictures, taken in March 2016 by Agence France-Presse photographer Olivier Morin, show intrepid Norwegians and visitors riding waves and admiring the stunning northern lights.

    Vidar, a Norwegian surf instructor, waxes his board and stretches to warm up before going into the water at the snow-covered beach of Unstad.