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London Vigil Honours Victims Of Paris Terror Attacks

Thousands of people stood in the rain to show solidarity and mourn those killed.

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"I think everyone is pretty stunned that we have had two major attacks in a very short space of time," said Tomasz, a French transport agency worker living in London recalling January's attack on Paris magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Tomasz said it was important for cities around the world to hold vigils like this. "I'm here at the vigil mainly because I'm French, but this could have happened somewhere else in Europe - and I probably would have still come along.

Margot, a 22-year-old from Paris, told BuzzFeed News she only found out what happened when her sister told her to switch on the news.

She was later relieved to learn that a friend who works at Le Petit Cambodge, one of the restaurants that was attacked, wasn't working that night and was safe.

"Fortunately," she said, "Facebook has this app that can tell people if you are secure or not."

"Now I know that everybody I know is alright, but my country is not," she said.


A lone violinist played as the crowd listened quietly.

This guy turned up at the Trafalgar Square solidarity gathering and silenced thousands of people. I have no words

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