People Are Taking The Piss Out Of The British Ambassador For This Awkward Photo With Obama

    "British engineering at its best. It almost looks like a real human."

    Kim Darroch is a British diplomat who until last September was the government's national security adviser.

    This week he began his new role as UK ambassador to the US, and completed the formalities by presenting his credentials to president Barack Obama in the White House.

    Unfortunately, the continuation of the ~special relationship~ was marked with an extremely awkward photo.

    Honoured to present my credentials to @POTUS today as British Ambassador to the US. Excited to get to work!

    The photo found its way on to a Reddit thread where people began gleefully taking the piss.

    "What the hell?!" one person wrote. "It looks like he's wearing fake arms."

    Another commenter wrote: "British engineering at its best. It almost looks like a real human."

    People were especially fixated on the ambassador's arms.

    "You can see exactly what's going through his brain," vishbar wrote on Reddit. "'Fuck, what do I do with my arms?!'."

    Somehow, the edgy monochrome version of the photo the British embassy posted on Instagram made things look even more uncomfortable.

    New UK ambassador to Washington is a typically relaxed Englishman who is totally comfortable with physical contact

    As DHSean wrote on Reddit: "You can see the differences in countries just with that one picture."

    For balance, here's the American ambassador to Britain, Matthew Barzun.

    Oli Scarff / Getty Images

    No contest...

    Twitter / Kim Darroch
    Saul Loeb / Getty Images

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