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    Laverne Cox Instagrammed A Picture Of Her And David Miliband And People Didn't Know What The Fuck Was Going On

    "Why the fuck is David Miliband in this?"

    This is Laverne Cox.

    She's an award-winning actress and the first transgender person to appear on the cover of Time.

    She also slays.

    This meanwhile is David Miliband.

    He's a former British foreign secretary, current president of the International Rescue Committee, and rumoured to be after a job in Hillary Clinton's White House administration if she becomes president.

    He was also once photographed holding a banana.

    Everytime I feel sad, I just remember the amazing time david miliband had with a banana. Works every time.

    So, imagine people's surprise when Cox grammed this pic featuring the two of them.

    Here he is.

    People were confused.

    V confused.

    Like, wtf.

    Cox and Miliband were actually among those collecting their honorary degrees from New York's The New School.

    And after the shock subsided, people were just happy for them.

    But still, always watch out for an unexpected David Miliband.


    Time for an emergency David Miliband being attacked by confetti shot.