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Tim Peake Has Posted His First Picture From Space

Bacon sandwich and tea out of the way first.

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Since he arrived at the International Space Station on Tuesday, British astronaut Tim Peake has answered questions from journalists in a live link-up, had a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea, and, presumably, done some work.

He's now fulfilled one of the major expectations of him as the UK's first European Space Agency astronaut - taking pictures of Earth.

He posted his first photo from the ISS last night.

Photo from today – not much chance to play with the camera yet! Goodnight from space. #Principia

When Peake blasted off for space from Kazakhstan this week, Professor Brian Cox was watching with school children at the Science Museum in London. He said: "If just one or two of the school children here decide to be engineers or scientists or test pilots as a result of this mission, then it's going to be worth it."

Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield's excellent social media skills and amazing photos while onboard the ISS were praised for raising interest in space among the next generation of astronauts.

Tonight's Finale: The full moon rises over the only planet we have ever called home.

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