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Fox Cubs Are Apparently Going Round This English Town Chewing Through People's Brakes

Fox cubs: cute but mischievous.

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Nom nom nom.
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Nom nom nom.

Fox cubs have been blamed for chewing through drivers' brakes in a town in Kent.

Police in Tunbridge Wells said they had received seven reports of brake lines being damaged in the last fortnight.

"We have investigated the full circumstances of these reports and a wildlife expert has confirmed that the damage has been caused by foxes," Kent police said on Facebook.

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The wildlife expert in question, John Bryant, told BuzzFeed News the timing of the damage coincided with fox cubs becoming more independent of their parents, "wandering the streets at night, hyped-up, chasing each other, noisily scrapping over food, jumping on cars, and squeezing underneath".

"Like children, they need to investigate everything, but without fingers, foxes test everything with their tongues and teeth, and biting gives them information on what is hard and what is soft enough to bite through – like pipes or electric cables," Bryant explained.

"Some people have suggested that foxes like the taste of brake fluid – but I don't accept this because the damage only takes place in the cub season."

Police said there had been no injuries as a result of the damage to brakes, but warned drivers to be vigilant and suggested washing cars to remove any fox scents.

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