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George Osborne Interacting With Schoolchildren Is Seriously Cringe

"We've got your favourite cereals here. Some Cheerios...Corn Flakes...Rice Krispies over there."

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George Osborne kicked off Budget Boxing Day with a visit to a school in Yorkshire.

Wpa Pool / Getty Images

He seemed delighted with how things were going.

Darren Staples / PA WIRE

But things went from zero to mega awkward for the chancellor when a child outwitted him at netball.

"Here we go... Come on."

How about nope.

Inside the school things didn't get any less cringe. This is what unscripted conversations between politicians and children look like in their natural form:

"Do you do the football?"

Channel 5 News

You've literally just been owned at netball in a playground.

Channel 5 News

"Yeah? Yeah?"

Channel 5 News

This poor kid.

As someone noted on Facebook, politicians "haven't quite figured out the 'interaction' part with normal humans".

You can watch the whole thing below, thanks to Channel 5 News.

Facebook: video.php

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