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    Zac Goldsmith Spent The Morning Delivering Milk And Holding Fish

    He's just a guy in funny shoes, standing in front of voters, asking London to love him.

    In a final push for his London mayoral campaign, Zac Goldsmith was joined by these friendly supporters at a rally in his parliamentary constituency in Richmond on Tuesday.

    Dominic Lipinski / PA WIRE

    But how to follow up this photo op with prime minister David Cameron and outgoing London mayor Boris Johnson? By showing he has all sorts of friends across the city, of course.

    Goldsmith, who trails Labour candidate Sadiq Khan by nine points in first preference votes, according to the latest Evening Standard/Opinium poll, is currently halfway through a London mayoral version of 24 as voters prepare to head the ballot box on Thursday.

    Here he is aboard his battlebus at the start of the day-long tour of the capital.

    I've just started a 24 hour tour of London - visiting 12 boroughs - to talk to voters about the choice on Thursday.

    So far he's made a very on-brand stop-off to an Ocado delivery centre.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: ZacGoldsmith

    He visited an alternative removal service in Willesden that uses railways instead of HGVs to transport waste.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: ZacGoldsmith

    And he dropped by Billingsgate Market in the City to continue the apparent Tory tradition of looking at and/or pointing at fish.

    Then he joined Dominic Gilham, a Conservative London Assembly candidate, on his milk round in Kensington.

    So I'm a hour we will see @ZacGoldsmith deliver this for London along with his Action Plan #BackZac2016 #Go4Gilham

    If you've ever wondered what Goldsmith would look like leaning out of a van holding two pints of milk, you are in luck.

    Zac Goldsmith / Via Twitter: @ZacGoldsmith

    The milk is an analogy for delivering his action plan for London.

    Delivering milk & his Action Plan for Greater London! @ZacGoldsmith on milk round with @DominicGilham #BackZac2016

    But mainly people were interested in Goldsmith's shoes.

    nice pic @ZacGoldsmith but...... WHAT ARE THOSE

    Milk safely delivered, and a change of shoes later, Goldsmith set about opening the market at the London Stock Exchange with chancellor George Osborne.

    Opening the market at the London Stock Exchange. As Mayor, I'll work with the Government to keep our economy strong.

    Which included a totally natural video message.

    Zac Goldsmith / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ZacGoldsmith

    And gave us this nightmare-inducing Vine.

    Then Goldsmith headed off to have a fry-up with cabbies in St John's Wood.

    Zac Goldsmith / Via Twitter: @ZacGoldsmith

    The Tory MP also visited a community library in Waltham Forest, picking up a couple of eclectic celebrity endorsements along the way.

    London needs an environmentalist for mayor. @ZacGoldsmith will help make London the greenest big city on Earth. #BackZac2016

    I'm backing Zac for Mayor. A thoughtful, honest, pragmatic guy. If u agree remember to vote tomorrow!@ZacGoldsmith

    Matthew Champion is a deputy world news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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