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18 Times Nick Jonas' Arms Literally Changed The World

Literally. The world CHANGED because of these guns.

1. When he stood like this in a white tank top and his arms were brighter and more beautiful than anything else in the photograph.

2. When he wore this American tank top and his arms bulged out like two robust bald eagles emerging from the nest to fly strong and free.

3. When this bathroom selfie happened and literally nothing was ever the same again.

4. When he played this guitar in a boat, in what appears to be his boxers, destroying lives everywhere.

5. When he got sweaty on this exercise machine with a towel on his neck and the entire world stopped breathing.

6. When his arms emerged from the shadows in this black and white photo and Earth stopped rotating around the sun.

7. When Nick and his arms were just sitting on this bench and his biceps looked like two ripe melons.

8. When they played the guitar like this.

9. And ate a piece of food like this.

10. When they were just kind of hanging there like this and outshining every other arm in a 40-mile radius.

11. When Nick could barely touch his hands together because his arms were so big.

12. When they were sitting on an outdoor couch and they could barely be contained by a leather jacket.

13. When they spread like this.

14. And soared like this.

15. When they were fighting Joe's shirt for attention and they won.

16. When they played Ping-Pong and looked more ripped and muscly than any other arms that have ever played Ping-Pong.

17. When they just kind of leaned against the Ping-Pong table like this and Joe could barely contain his excitement over being so close to them.

18. And finally, when they perfectly filled out this "I Am a Man" shirt and were the most important thing in this photo, including Joe's face.