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    43 Times Louis Tomlinson Was The Most Perfect And Beautiful Member Of One Direction

    Hair + sass + suspenders = perfection.

    1. When he and his perfect beautiful hair were on stage smiling like this.

    2. When he wore these tight pants and suspenders and rubbed his thighs.

    3. When he made this goofy, sexy face and it was adorable and perfect and sexy.

    4. When he made this adorable, innocent face and you just wanted to slap him across his beautiful cheeks.

    5. When his arms stuck out of this tight shirt and suspenders.

    6. Whenever his butt does something, which is all the time, because it is the most beautiful and perfect butt in One Direction.

    7. When said butt shook like this:

    8. And when said butt was photocopied like this:

    9. When he turns his head to the side and smirks and looks all sassy.

    10. And basically whenever he brings Louis bitch face, which is all the time.

    11. When he purses his lips and looks like this.

    12. Whenever he makes a ridiculous face for a photo.

    13. Or just, like, whenever he makes a ridiculous face.

    14. When he was the biggest mama's boy.

    15. When he wore these tight white pants.

    16. When he was the most majestic dancer in every single video.

    17. When he recognized this as fact:

    18. And served as a perfect example of that fact:

    19. When he thought long and hard about how beautiful and perfect he is.

    20. When he looked perfect shooting a toy gun.

    21. And standing around on the red carpet.

    22. And wetting his pants on stage.

    23. When he climbed up on this thing and danced.

    24. When he made faces at this baby.

    25. When he rubbed his lips together and raised his eyebrows and everything else just exploded.

    26. When he shot himself in the face with this grapefruit and then rubbed the juice in for some reason.

    27. When he smirks and his eyes squint a little bit and everything around him lights up because he is heavenly.

    28. When he breaks out his groundbreaking dance moves on stage.

    29. When he cuddled this puppy.

    30. Whenever he can't stay still during a video and he jumps around and everything is perfect.

    31. When he wore this tiny shirt.

    32. And when he wore this tiny shirt and suspenders.

    33. And when he wore this no shirt.

    34. When he grabs his little Louis.

    35. Whenever he's the band mom.

    36. When he teaches Harry to dance.

    37. When he smiled and looked perfect like this.

    38. When his face and hair and lips and eyes and everything were beautiful.

    39. Basically just whenever he existed.

    40. Whenever he sings and you can hear his little voice and it is perfect.

    41. When he looked like this and his hair was literally the definition of perfection.

    42. Whenever he smiles and raises his eyebrows and does anything.

    43. And literally just all the time because he is obviously the most beautiful and perfect member of One Direction.

    The end.