This Two-Legged Chihuahua And Fluffy Chicken Are The Cutest Best Friends In The Entire World


    Meet Roo, the two-legged chihuahua who was rescued by the Duluth Animal Hospital when he was just seven weeks old.

    Also meet Penny, the fluffy chicken who was similarly saved by the hospital when she was just nine weeks old.

    And then, meet Roo and Penny together, because that is how they spend their days... TOGETHER... as the cutest best friends in the entire world.

    They like dressing up in puffy ballerina skirts together.

    They like wearing adorable sweaters and lying in bed with one another.

    They like posing like models together.

    And rolling around on the floor together.

    And staring longingly into one another's eyes.

    Penny likes to wait patiently while Roo takes his naps.

    That is, when they aren't NAPPING ADORABLY WITH ONE ANOTHER.

    They also like getting festive and taking some seasonal pics.

    And romping around in the snow.

    And basically they are the most adorable best friends ever to exist in the history of the world.