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    33 Things Only Chef Gordon Ramsay Can Get Away With

    Everything is raw and you're a huge disappointment.

    1. Telling aspiring chefs that their food looks like a raw, disgusting bison's penis and that it's nasty and raw.

    2. Screaming his face off literally every five minutes.

    3. But also looking adorable and innocent with a tiny little lamb.

    4. Calling someone a panini head.

    5. Falling asleep at a restaurant because his order was taking too long.

    6. Telling chefs that their scallops are shitty and disgusting and that they'll basically never amount to anything.

    7. And, of course, telling them all to fuck off.

    8. Perfectly arranging his vegetables for a naughty chef photo shoot.

    9. Calling people fuckfaces.

    10. Expressing profound disappointment in the state of almost every kitchen.

    11. And pretty much all disgusting food.

    12. And whatever this is.

    13. And this.

    14. And basically just feeling personally insulted about every shitty, disgusting kitchen he's ever been in.

    15. Telling a chef their food looks like Gandhi's flip flop.

    16. Praying that he won't be poisoned...

    17. Telling a chef that they're the reason his pubes are turning gray.

    18. Chomping on a huge bone?

    19. Being really shocked and disappointed by almost everybody.

    20. But also being adorable...

    21. And friendly with a nice reindeer...

    22. And a giant clown.

    23. Convincing people that they're basically a huge disappointment.

    24. Calling crazy chefs Hitler (and expressing deep disappointment over what appears to be macaroni and cheese).

    25. Getting fed up with almost everybody all the time.

    26. Trying not to give up.

    27. Telling a steak he wants to die and fuck off with it to heaven.

    28. Riding a motorcycle like a boss.

    29. Vigorously spitting out food right in front of a chef.

    30. Shitting himself.

    31. Telling chefs how disgusted he is.

    32. Expressing soul-crushing disgruntlement with everything and everyone.

    33. And being an all-around awesome guy and probably the greatest chef ever.


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