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The Prince Of Sweden Is A Total Babe

Grade A Royal Swedish Meat.

This is Carl.

AKA His Royal Highness Carl Philip, Prince of Sweden, Duke of Värmland.

AKA total babe.

Sure, he probably won't ever be King Of Sweden, because he's, like, third in line to the crown...

But it doesn't matter...

Because he's first in line to my heart.

Carl is a legit knight of Sweden and therefore gets to carry a sword and walk around with a sash and medals and this hat.

But more importantly, he gets to look in the mirror and see this every day.

Oh, yes, and this.

He gets to do prince stuff like have a really strong jaw.

And look really good in suits.

And carry gold medals.

Also, Carl's interests include running with flames.

Standing dashingly next to his sister in exaggerated royal jewelry.

Riding boats.

Thinking about prince stuff.

And intently pondering his own total babeness.

He also likes to look dashing in sunglasses next to his dweeby brother-in-law, Prince Daniel.

Scratching his beautiful royal locks of hair.

And slapping himself in the head because he just can't believe how lucky he is.

To be a total, princely babe.