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Posted on Mar 4, 2013

The 42 Most Seductively Charming Aaron Tveit Moments Of All Time

It's like God said, "I can't decide between too much adorable or too much hot, SO HAVE BOTH." And thus, a sultry broadway stud was born.

This is Aaron Tveit, who is technically ALWAYS charming and seductive...

Joe Corrigan / Getty Images

BUT, that indisputable fact aside, these moments are by far the MOST seductive and charming...

1. When he played Enjolras, the sexy revolutionary student in "Les Misérables"...

Laurie Sparham / AP

It's pronounced AHN-juhl-rahs. I don't know, it's French. Aaron really does a better job of explaining it.

2. When he posed all seductively like this...

3. And stared down the barrel of a gun all seriously like this.

4. Whenever his hair was literally perfect...

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

5. Which is basically ALL...

6. THE.

7. TIME.

Dario Cantatore / Getty Images

8. When he took this deep breath onstage in his underwear.

9. And then stood there like this.


11. When he got tatted for his bad boy role in "Rent."

12. When he made this adorable face.

13. When he wore these adorable glasses and also had all this scruff.

14. When he looked all angelic like this.

15. When he wore this tight baseball uniform.

16. When he made this face.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

17. When he looked like a hot professor.

18. When this happened.

19. And this.

20. When he jazz-handed himself.

21. And smiled all sweetly like this.

22. And giggled all adorably like this.

23. When he smiled all gorgeously in a sailor hat.

24. And danced around in one.

25. When he stuck out his butt like this.

26. When he made this face.



In my mind, this is real life. But it actually only happened in the movie, "Howl."

29. When he thrust his hips and made this face.

Janette Pellegrini / Getty Images

30. When this deep, contemplative moment happened.

thinkin' bout butts, probably.

31. And this shirtless in sweatpants moment.

32. When he made this painfully cute confused face.

33. When he nuzzled a pillow while sleeping.

34. When he met NPH!!!

35. And also basically whenever he looked like a charming, beautiful angel.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

36. And, most importantly, when this pose happened...

37. And this one...

38. AND.

39. ALL.

40. OF.

41. THIS.

42. In conclusion:

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