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    The 26 Most Important Hunky Moments From J.Lo's New Music Video

    On the seventh day, J.Lo said, "Let there be hunks." And lo, there were hunks. And it was good.

    So J.Lo released a brand new music video for her song, "I Luh Ya PaPi" and decided to switch things up and give the music industry some hunky dudes dancing in a mansion:


    1. This shot of this man lounging in a mansion chair in a very tight speedo thing that shows a lot of what's happening in there.

    2. This shot of J.Lo looking fierce while diva stomping her way through this sea of passed out hunks.

    3. This man who's just standing next to a leafy building in his speedos and looking all oily.

    4. All these butts sitting around a mansion swimming pool.

    5. This man just casually emerging from the water like a God with his eyes and his perfect arm hairs and his beautiful hunky face.

    6. This shot of these men just casually standing around while this nice woman points out each of there one billion abs.

    7. This guy washing this car while J.Lo and her friends watch like the rest of us.

    8. This extremely important shot of this man bathing his own body.

    9. And this extremely important shot of him rinsing himself off.

    10. This shot of J.Lo just chilling on a boat while these two hunks are laid out before her.

    11. This vital scene involving these four men just walking along this boat in their speedos.

    12. And this extremely important shot from behind.

    13. This dude just relaxing in his hunk sunglasses and hunk bracelets and hunk speedos with his abs and chest and stuff.

    14. And then this totally necessary shot of his man boobs.

    15. This shot where J.Lo looks at everybody and she's just like, "Yeah. You're welcome. How's it feel, guys? How's it feel to see a bunch of guys dancing naked, HUH?"

    Good. It feels great.

    16. This shot of this guy just lounging around.

    17. And this one.

    18. This shot where J.Lo is just like, "Yeah, here's a butt. Here's a great butt right next to my face."

    19. And then this one where she's like, "I don't have time for this because I'm a fierce ass bitch and you can go be a hunk elsewhere."

    20. But then when she's like "On second thought, leave that booty right here."

    21. This shot of this guy and his tiny nipples and pecs and arms and face.

    22. This shot of a man getting alcohol poured on his private parts.

    23. This very important poke.

    24. This shot of this guy and his perfect facial hair and eyebrow game.

    25. This shot where J.Lo is like, "I hope you're all enjoying yourselves, because I am."

    26. And then this final shot of all of this.

    Thank you J.Lo, for bringing this beautiful gift to the world. Watch the whole video here:

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